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... you know what homophobia REALLY says about you, right? LOL.
You actually don't know anything about me or my experience of the world. Yet another example of you making assumptions about people and their lives when you have no information to base it on.
You're clearly incapable of understanding this: I DO NOT NEED TO ANSWER TO ***ANYONE*** about my private life or what I'm "engaging in". The reason there was no vote on the Civil Partnership Act is because the public don't have the right to block legislation that grants equal opportunities. It doesn't affect you if you're not wanting a civil partnership, so there's no need for you to be trying to block it by a vote.What pleases me is that most of the people I've met all...
Not likely, I practise safe sex. Oh, newsflash: straight people get AIDS too.
"In your opinion, nobody but you has the right to an opinion." Errrrrm I didn't say that. And thanks, I have every intention of staying in Scotland. We at least have a semblance of understanding and equality. It's hard being superior, but we somehow manage. Oh, and I don't need to justify my "queer behaviour" to anyone. It's the way I am, and I don't owe anybody an explanation for that.
And just who are you to be telling people what's "moral" and not? Who I get involved with and what I do behind the closed door of my house is none of your business, or anyone else's. And if I want the same rights as straight people, then I have every right to demand that the government give me it. Go and crawl under whatever rock you came from, you demented, narrow-minded, sickening rat.
I'm sure Steve Jobs will be devastated to receive this irrelevant, incorrect, unsolicited and discriminatory "letter".
WOW that is young, but kids are surprisingly able to use computers. My friend's 5 year old has an EXCELLENT grasp of iPhoto, and the other day advised that I use Firefox instead of Safari!!
I'm in the UK, and I honestly don't know. I can't see why not though.
of course it may never see the light of day. They're always filing patents for technology that never gets implemented.
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