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I use Time Machine
I was also briefly able to log in and what I saw quite impressed me. Can't wait for them to update OS X so it's constantly syncing with Me's servers.
I use Exposé
Yeah... give this a go... http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/
This would be a scream. I'm sure Mac users would just be RUSHING to download it.
Tim Cook, or....... David Pogue. No, really.
Some movies do get me crying, as do a fair amount of songs that remind me of more trying times in my life. I think it's perfectly normal to cry. If we weren't meant to do it, we wouldn't have tear ducts. Then again, I am a somewhat emotionally unstable person :P
Better that than wait for NO freedom in 2027 in the UK.
Exactly. A phenomenal amount of people leave the UK (and indeed, the European Union) every year. It probably won't be long until they wake up to that and simply prevent us from leaving.
My partner has many years experience of living there. He says nothing major really changed after the handover from the UK to the PRC in July 1997, though for a while up to it people were VERY apprehensive, but there wasn't actually any change to personal freedoms or the way of life. In many ways, by some accounts, it got better. Actually, there's an interesting experiment going on in HK just now. By 2017, the populace will be able to elect their legislature. If that's...
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