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Yes, so what does that tell you? :P Actually, HK is a Special Admin Region, meaning they effectively have their own government, laws etc. It was proposed as the "One Country, Two Systems" idea when the UK's lease on HK was over. The only things the PRC really handle is national defense and immigration. I can live with that. In the UK, we are one of the most watched populaces on the face of the planet and there's a definite atmosphere of fear and promotion of irrational...
My partner and I are of the same mind. I've had enough of the increasing government surveillance and control in our lives. We're thinking of moving to Hong Kong in a few years - he's originally from there and I've always wanted to go. I want to go. While we're still allowed to.
Mine now works fine
I've never had a problem with Skype, but sometimes iChat just refuses to connect to certain people for video chats or screen sharing
... what are you gibbering on about?
The way to totally prevent them snooping, of course, is to use your MacBook and use a DIFFERENT network. Someone I know uses a Vodafone USB thing that plugs into her MBP and connects her to the net over the mobile phone network.
This is amazing, thanks
Office was also rendered unusable on my MBP after the SP1 update. If I was prone to paranoia, I might suggest they did that deliberately out of some sadistic pleasure for driving people mental. Bastards.
I think he was more looking for tech advice than parenting advice. However, I installed it and started playing it but realised how addictive it was becoming, and I don't have an addictive personality (well, unless you count wine and the occasional glass of Baileys) so I uninstalled it. But Talksense is right - it plays by the rules. Go ahead! Give it a go - but be careful of how much time is spent on it.
I'm currently obsessed with "When I am Through With You" by The VLA. It's the theme tune to Damages starring Glenn Close
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