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I don't make a big deal out of the fact I'm gay, but at the same time I'm not gonna shut up when some moron is telling me how "unnatural" it is for me to be in love with the person I'm in love with, or how I made a conscious decision to be gay when clearly: a) they apparently don't understand what internal sexual identity is and b) have never met me.
Indeed. Perhaps MiMiC can go there. And stay.
Why do you feel the need to shove your religious claptrap down people's throats?I don't believe in God, and I certainly didn't make a conscious choice to be gay. I simply like men and always have, and that's an end to it.Further, "god" doesn't form the law in most countries. You'll find that's the job of the legislature.Oh, and you know what homophobia *really* says about you, right? Its alright to come out, you know. *there there*. We won't judge you - which is far kinder...
Being homosexual does not mean you're interested in your brother. You are disturbingly misinformed. Oh, and the rainbow flag was actually "adopted" by the LGBT community prior to the formation of Apple, and the term "gay" has been used to describe members of the LGBT community since around 1886.
That has certainly been my experience. The other day it took Word 45 seconds to open a new document.
Clearly this moron is smoking crack.
A strong sense of disbelief in the somewhat pathetic attitude of DigitalChan. Then again, I also take it with a pinch (or... bag) of salt since I don't think anyone can possibly be as misinformed as he.He seems to think he can pontificate about Apple and it's workings when clearly he has some warped version of reality going on in his head. I notice in one of his many threads/irrational rants that he made a reference to working for Apple "before it should have gone out of...
I made the website for the company I work for: www.paramedicrescue.com
Make sure you've got POP enabled in Gmail. Log into Gmail, go to settings/preferences and ensure it's on.
the mac version is 2008 though
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