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Muahahaha Apple's evil plan for computer domination is coming to fruition at last.
Hi everyone, I received my MBP two days ago (2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo) and I've noticed what I am worried is a fault with the power adapter. Twice I've noticed the light on the charger has not been on, yet the MBP is charging. On one occasion the light wasn't on and the MBP wasn't charging, but when I took out the magsafe connector and reconnected it, it started to charge as normal. Thoughts, please. Thanks
my partner has a MacBook and I have a MacBook Pro. I do photoshopping, a lot of LightRoom work, as well as general word processing, web browsing etc and I find I get annoyed if I try to use his MacBook for photoshopping, but that might be because I am used the MBP. I also had a PowerBook before this MacBook Pro. Further, 4metta is correct - the MBP has a dedicated graphics card, which is very noticable, blacklit keyboard, much larger hard drive, faster processor etc
I've also just become a MacBook Pro owner. I think you can calibrate it whenever you want What I think would be useful, is if people would post their battery saving tips here too! I'll start off: 1) Turn off Airport, Bluetooth and the infrared receiver when you're on battery power and you're not using them.
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