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Based on New York Times piece, ABC will follow the same theme. These two are not just your blogging sites or fanboy sites. These are two very respected news media outlets. Whatever they report will be taken with all seriousness by the public.
This will hurt Apple so badly. The excellent New York Times and now ABC News. Mainstream trusted media are rallying to show how Apple generates these huge profits. Very bad year for Apple as these respected news media expose the hidden side of Apple profits.
I'm not insane. If you want to look at future outlook, then take a look at the recent MSNBC report. If you want to play the future game, Kindle is ready to blow out the iPad in 2012. Like I said, Android is going to make a killing this year. "Kindle Fire has barely reached the toddler stage of its young life, but it's already shot up in tablet sales, second only to Apple's iPad — at least for the last quarter of...
It looks impressive at first until you compare it to Windows/PC sales. The numbers posted by Apple are minuscule and pathetic in comparison. Thats just the truth. Google it.
Thats a very revealing image. Samsung - 313k, Nokia - 422k & Apple a dismal 89k. LOL... all this cheerleading and hoopla for a dismal third place? Too funny!
Samsung has nothing to worry about. This is all speculation, guesswork and fantasy from Apple fanatics. No one would be silly enough to pay the Apple premium for a TV. This is just silly talk and Samsung is playing along for fun of course.
It's early in the year. Apple is riding an emotional high with users and Wallstreet. Reality will kick in next quarter and my prediction will come true.
Oh please. It's a guess. No real factual numbers at all. "Since Apple debuted the iPad in Korea in November 2010, the company is estimated to have sold over one million units of the ubiquitous tablet, far more than worldwide electronics giant Samsung's Galaxy Tab, reports The Korea Herald."
A lot more by a huge number. Despite the cheerleading of Apple fans, if you look at the big picture, globally, iOS is just a drop in the bucket.http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marke...t-mobile-stats
Because its a true fact. Samsung will continue its meteoric rise. Apple at this point moving forward will never regain that crown again.
New Posts  All Forums: