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Or climbing out of the windows and jumping.Or taking an overdose of Oxycontin.
One iPhone to rule them all One iPhone to bring them all And in the Apple System bind them. In the land of California where Apple lies.
I haven't even seen a teenager wearing a watch in I don't know how long.
I doubt any of the shipping is via boat; too slow.
The only important thing is --- is he a good executive and does he do his job well. What he does in his personal life is his business.
They are becoming like politicians - they change their promises in a heartbeat.
That would lend new meaning to "blue screen of death".
This is typical for Arizona - a lovely state filled with Christians who preach hatred and intolerance. They pass "papers please" laws to discriminate against Hispanice people, then come up with more and more stupid discriminatory laws. I won't be visiting Arizona again; it's lovely state with the Grand Canyon and other places, but the hatred of the Christians is intolerable.
I'd buy one since ATV doesn't support it.
Gawd no!  PayPal is consumer hostile, avoids or ignores consumer protection laws, operates as a bank without following the banking regulations, and is, in my opinion,  a near criminal organization.   I will never ever ever ever deal with PayPal.
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