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That would lend new meaning to "blue screen of death".
This is typical for Arizona - a lovely state filled with Christians who preach hatred and intolerance. They pass "papers please" laws to discriminate against Hispanice people, then come up with more and more stupid discriminatory laws. I won't be visiting Arizona again; it's lovely state with the Grand Canyon and other places, but the hatred of the Christians is intolerable.
I'd buy one since ATV doesn't support it.
Gawd no!  PayPal is consumer hostile, avoids or ignores consumer protection laws, operates as a bank without following the banking regulations, and is, in my opinion,  a near criminal organization.   I will never ever ever ever deal with PayPal.
I was being a bit sarcastic and snippy.
I'm picturing Google collecting data from thousands of users with Nest thermostats and selling the info. Let's see.... You set it down a lot at night--sell the data to makers of down comforters... You keep the thermostat high..sell the data to companies selling energy efficient furnaces. There's lots you can do if you can get this info tied to an address.
Not sure what use there would be for someone to learn that I keep the thermostat set at 65 degrees at night and 68 during the day if I'm home. Still I don't like the idea of the thermostat reporting to outside agencies.. Fortunately I had no plans to buy a Nest thermostat anyway, so my plans won't change. Any statement from a CEO of a just-purchased company has to be taken with a grain of salt. He will do whatever Google tells him to do in the future. I'd hate to be...
What will happen to the people who currently work for Nest? These types of takeovers often result in a lot of people either being laid off due to duplication of departments (they don't need 2 HR depts, 2 Payroll, etc) or the top techie people not wanting to work in a big company like Google and hence leave to start over somewhere else. People who work in the small companies where they have their own work ethics hate moving to a big company with way different work rules,...
In other words, charge the content providers twice; once to send the data and another to get it received. Greed at it's best.
Noticed on TV tonight that Microsoft is offering $ 50 off on xBox 1...Could it be it's not selling as well as they would like?
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