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If the design is that thin,the battery life would be awful.
You would never see AT&T or Verizon doing anything like that.
Typical of a company that can't do business selling anything anymore; sue someone else. In their time Kodak was a great company, now they are a shell, only making money as a patent troll.
That's obviously what they will do. It all depends on whether or not FCC/Congress is satisfied with the total amounts, be it money, hookers, or drugs.
Of course it will be approved. AT&T owns enough Congressmen and leaders of regulatory agencies to get it through easily.
this will only mean higher prices and more hidden fees. There has never been a huge merger like this that has been good for consumers. The merger will definitely go through though since AT&T owns enough members of Congress and the regulatory agencies to make sure it is approved.
does the personalized setup cost? $50?
who work on Symbian? How long before they are all out of work?
inside Microsoft is probably getting punished for it.
I was sure that the iPhone would be crippled by Verizon crapware and junk. Maybe I will consider it. Every Verizon phone I've used has been crippled by Verizon and it would be nice to see a change, especially not having to be limited by vCast.
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