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That's obviously what they will do. It all depends on whether or not FCC/Congress is satisfied with the total amounts, be it money, hookers, or drugs.
Of course it will be approved. AT&T owns enough Congressmen and leaders of regulatory agencies to get it through easily.
this will only mean higher prices and more hidden fees. There has never been a huge merger like this that has been good for consumers. The merger will definitely go through though since AT&T owns enough members of Congress and the regulatory agencies to make sure it is approved.
does the personalized setup cost? $50?
who work on Symbian? How long before they are all out of work?
inside Microsoft is probably getting punished for it.
I was sure that the iPhone would be crippled by Verizon crapware and junk. Maybe I will consider it. Every Verizon phone I've used has been crippled by Verizon and it would be nice to see a change, especially not having to be limited by vCast.
If the App developers get enough money from the ads and give Apple a cut, Apple will ignore the privacy violations. Money is far more important than privacy.
that money ALWAYS overrides any user privacy. App developers (and Apple?) get a cut from advertising revenues, so there is a huge incentive to reveal users private data or any data they can get their hands on. "privacy policy" is probably ignored by apps, and Apple probably either doesn't care or can't find all of the misbehaving apps. Next thing you know they will manage to find your credit card info and start sending you stuff you never ordered. Maybe someone...
A overall iPod block for all in-app purchases would be an excellent idea. Sadly it won't happen.
New Posts  All Forums: