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The iPhone has similar problems with rogue apps. I think this is the biggest flaw in downloading apps for phones or iPods - you are at the risk of having data stolen and forwarded to criminals. You would think that the iPhone people would be more careful, but they are not.
They were so adamant that they be able to control the crapware they wanted to put on the phone and Apple was having none of it. They have a crappy "get it now" store which charges you for every damn thing and you can't even put your own music on older phones that hard the hardware for it. I think the carriers make money from the crapware and don't give a rats tushie if the customer is offended.
You mean it's not enough that we see uncountable ads when we use the web? And what if there's a problem with the purchase option and you are stuck watching ads even though you've paid for the software? This would be incredibly annoying and I would never buy an OS that required you to watch ads before you could get anything done.
I'd love to have radio on an iPod Touch!
Now that AT&T has all those customers and all the demand from iPhones and iPads, they have a captive market and can charge whatever they d*** well please, although existing customers can keep their unlimited plans. New customers are up the creek, which is not a surprise.
Exactly what my first thought was. It's unlikely that Verizon will be any cheaper month-to-month than AT&T though.
All of this fuss over a stolen iPhone. If one of us lost an iPhone and reported it to the police all that would happen is that the police would take a report and that would be the end of it. I doubt the police or anyone else would do more than take a report if one of us lost an iPhone. It certainly helps when you have lots of political influence.
I have a 24" iMac 2.8 C2D, 2 gb ram, running latest 10.5.8, plus an iBook 1.33ghz PPC G4 running 10.5.8, plus a MBP (recent) running 10.5.8 plus all updates. The issue: On the iMac I see the iBook and MBP in shared computers and am able to connect to both and transfer files both ways, no problem. However, on both iBook and MBP I see the iMac in shared computers, but attempts to connect result in "connect failed". The logins are the same on all 3 computers and the...
More proprietary cables? AGH! Whatever happened to standard cables? You're right..sucks.way big time.
Airport security has not showed any interest in my laptop for quite a while either. They seem more interested in my shoes (ordinary sneakers) and hearing aid.
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