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in-app purchases are the next big scam to steal money from people. You have to trust the developer to follow the rules, which is about like trusting a fox to guard the chicken house.
tend to be way overpriced (like Apple), but unlike Apple products, Sony products tend to be crap. They break down, don't work well, and getting service is all but impossible. Years ago Sony produced quality products, but now i wouldn't buy anything made by Sony.
That Verizon would want to stuff their own crapware onto the phone. They are big on crippling smart phones so that they can only do what Verizon wants them to do. They don't want people putting music from other sources onto their phones; they want them to buy from their crappy VCast service. An iPhone on Verizon that worked like it does on AT&T would be fine, but one riddled with crapware and limited to vCast and the usual Verizon limitations would not be attractive.
Vcast is a pile of ****. I think that's really the biggest obstacle; Verizon wants total control. I had an older phone that had lots of capabilities that were blocked by Verizon; I couldn't even put music on it without paying for it via Vcast. Verizon can't imagine just being a dumb pipe provider.
"reasonable price" the content providers and Apple have vastly different ideas about what is reasonable. They probably want to charge like $4.00 per issue and Apple doesn't think it's worth that much money. None of the content providers have really figured out the electronic publishing issue.
They would just go to a carrier independent phone like they do in the rest of the world.Then the carriers wouldn't screw up the phones with their crapware and restrictions.
not. It says that Apple will allow users to opt-in so that newspapers can access the subscribers personal information for advertising purposes. Suppose there is an "accidental" bug that automatically opts you in when you subscribe? And the price will be so expensive it will not be worth it. The newspapers would love it if you subscribe for the same as it costs now for the print edition, but you get less content than the print edition plus they can send your name and...
Just what we need, another opportunity for spammers. I haven't even upgraded to iTunes 10, but I'm just hoping you can avoid even having Ping.
Interesting battle to shape up in Congress: RIAA/NAB vs equipment mfgrs. It will be settled by whichever group makes the biggest "gifts" (bribes) to congress. Congress doesn't give a rats tushie about consumers; it's just pandering to whichever group pays the most money. What about GPS devices? would they demand it there too? And the super small devices like Apple Shuffle? there's no room for a radio chip. dumb idea, but they probably don't have the money that...
whatever the "gifts" from the telcos persuades them to do. Sometimes I wonder if congress and the federal agencies have secret price lists for how much corporations have to pay to get exemptions and favorable laws. The telcos have way more money than voters or consumers. We're no longer living in a democracy but in a plutocracy, which gives us the worst government money can buy.
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