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jail-broken iPhones on Verizon? HOW? they use different comm techniques. the iPhone doesn't work on CDMA which is what verizon uses.
It would probably be very popular with teenagers.
Oh God. Yet more advertising? Just what we need, sucking up your bandwidth and using up more of your monthly allowance. Next you won't be able to run apps unless you have a live internet connection so you can get crap downloaded to annoy you. they say you data plan is "unlimited" but that's not going to last. Just picture how much fun it will be if you are listening to a song, then when the song ends you get a blaring advertisement before the next song starts.
What will the subscription cost? If it's reasonable, people might pay, but if they charge $ 30 per month, they won't get many subscribers. Just think AP - $30, NYT - $30, etc? Who would pay that much? And it would eat into your 3G connection limits. Plus you will almost certainly have to deal with incessant advertising on top of paying for the subscription. I wouldn't be surprised if ads took up 1/3 of the space on the screen and half of the bandwidth.
Wonder if the people monitoring the security cameras use them as an opportunity to look down cleavage? Or do they report people who pick their noses while working?
Verizon wants control of the device, and Apple doesn't want to give up control. Verizon is terrified of becoming nothing more than simply a carrier; they want their own app store, own apps, limits on the phones, etc.
from adding more code to check for non-apple hardware and refuse to run. The people buying the stuff should know they will get no support from apple.
I would think Apple would want to demand that there be a full trial for damages that would totally gut Psystar. It sounds like nothing is going to happen to Psystar and they will be able to continue what they are doing now. They have no money they say, so they can't pay damages. There seems to be nothing to stop Psystar from continuing their business. Apple has spent lots of money on attorneys, and I would think they want something to show for it.
Really? OSx is open source? I think not.
I can't picture Verizon allowing the app store to download new apps unless Verizon gets to veto any app they don't like. This would be hideous for developers; you'd not only have to convince Apple, but you'd have to convince Verizon as well. Can't see it happening.
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