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Murdoch says that all of their online sites will start charging for access soon. $ 2 per week? hahahah. Pay for an online news site where they copy stories from blogs and present them as their own work? Crappy reporting where they can't get facts straight? Just watch their web site visit counts drop into a bottomless pit.
5 to 1 that the employee with the iPhone gets a poor performance review next time around and gets fired. I'd hate to work for someone like Ballmer.
simply put something in OSx so that it will not run on any non-Apple hardware. Surely there's something in the hardware that they could check for? Then they could try to hack around that, but then Apple could go after then under DMCA.
Verizon wants to control what you put on their phones. I think one reason they wouldn't do the iPhone was the Apple App Store - they probably wouldn't deal with it. Verizon wants you to pay them for the apps, not some 3rd party. Their apps will probably be crappy too.
Certainly a company that is running a business has to have information for the IRS? There's no reason why they can't produce that info for Apple. They're obviously hiding something. Any business has to have some accounting records.
a rebate from Apple and a rebate from some web seller are 2 far different things. The web sellers bank on you NOT being able to get rebates. They already have your money so there is no good reason for them to really try to get your rebate. They have every incentive to come up with reasons to not give you a rebate. Anyone who depends on a rebate from a web seller is overly optimistic and deluded.
The MacBook air deal sounds good, but 'rebates' are notoriously difficult to actually get. I'd buy one, but I don't trust rebates; they are usually all but impossible to get.
So far it seems all these companies want you to buy their own brand of set top box connected to the net so you can pay them to watch movies. I have lost track of how many there are! Do you really want another set top box stacked somewhere? agh.
I'd love an iPhone not on AT&T. Their network sucks. Go to other carriers and I'll buy one.
Even if they were using Blu-Ray capable drives, there's a lot more to do than just 'enable' the blu-ray. Blu-Ray requires HDCP, and OSx doesn't support it yet. If it were to come it would not be until 10.6.
New Posts  All Forums: