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I worry about buying an e-book on the Kindle and then having Amazon delete it due to some internal mixup or new DRM rule. If I buy a physical book from anywhere, it's pretty hard for them to come into my house and remove the book. I'll stick to physical books.
Not sure I see the point in a thinner iMac. It's hard enough to keep it cool as it is now and if they want to put more powerful processors and GPUs inside, how will they keep it cool?
All companies tend to treat their employees like crap. They know perfectly well that they can always hire more since people really need money to survive. If the recession ever lifts, then companies will treat employees better. Of course they could do better treating their employees better, but corporations only see bottom lines.
They just updated the Burlington Mass store recently, they were closed for 2 weeks. What changed: Genius bar relocated, and is smaller. (are they trying to discourage people?) Most of space for selling accesories such as iPod cases gone. Cashier space gone. Training area gone. New area for 1 on 1 training in what used to be accessories and cashier. Don't know if they are eliminating workshops or not; I used to like them, it was a good way to learn something new....
Apple knows perfectly well it can be tough on employees right now. In the middle of a recession, people tend to suck it up or get fired. If they walk out, then they get fired and there will be plenty of other people willing to take the jobs. Short of actually flogging employees they can get away with quite a lot.
To the ISPs and wireless carriers, "Network Neutrality" is considered something devised by Satan to torture them. There are few things that they would hate more than network neutrality.
If you can't find a way to make money, bribe the government with money, drugs, and hookers to get what you want.
Murdoch says that all of their online sites will start charging for access soon. $ 2 per week? hahahah. Pay for an online news site where they copy stories from blogs and present them as their own work? Crappy reporting where they can't get facts straight? Just watch their web site visit counts drop into a bottomless pit.
5 to 1 that the employee with the iPhone gets a poor performance review next time around and gets fired. I'd hate to work for someone like Ballmer.
simply put something in OSx so that it will not run on any non-Apple hardware. Surely there's something in the hardware that they could check for? Then they could try to hack around that, but then Apple could go after then under DMCA.
New Posts  All Forums: