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From the news it sounds as if Turkey is well on the way to becoming another corrupt country that hates the West. Why would they be interested in Apple products then? Just wonder if the Muslims have managed to start enforcing Sharia law in Turkey yet? I guess it's too late to visit Turkey - I get the impression that Americans are about as welcome as bubonic plague.
So did the Evasi0n jailbreak also include a backdoor so Taig can compromise IOS systems so they can steal credit card info, logins, etc?  For $ 1,000,000 and a percentage of the money from stealing from IOS users, they can make a nice profit.    Taig can say all they want, but they are primarily a reseller of cracked and stolen software, but then I guess that's what the jailbreakers are looking for in the first place and Evasi0n is just helping them get their stolen...
So does anyone know if the jailbreak includes a backdoor for hackers to exploit your phone?
Cue mournful funeral music...
I was being a little facetious... with regard to Samsung (and others) copying Apple..
Hmm...So Samsung is building the A7....and how much of it will they copy since they will have have access to the chip? How much of Xynos will be copied from the A7? this will make a great patent war...
Right...attorneys with serious experience in patents tend to work for one of the companies with patents like Google.  It's probably impossible to find anyone who doesn't have at least some conflict of interest.  Even if they don't work for a company they probably own stock and they aren't going to vote on somethign that will hurt their stock.
Legality is always something lawyers are good at getting around.
She can hide the holdings by putting them under another name.
Do we know for sure if she is no longer receiving any money from Google?  Google could be slipping money to an offshore account or paying one of her relatives. However, I doubt that anyone in Washington cares since they all do it.  There are lots of ways to hide "compensation", typically you hire a spouse or offspring or brother and then they get paid a huge amount for doing nothing. She can hide the holdings by putting them under another name or selling them to someone in...
New Posts  All Forums: