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They can't bring all the work here because Americans won't work for $ 2.00 per hour with no benefits, unsafe working conditions, required living in company housing, and unable to leave for another job, no vacations, etc. Plus Americans tend to have organizations called Labor Unions that have plenty of political power from bribing government officials.
Indentured slavery is still a common and accepted pratice in 3rd world countries and the big companies like Apple and Microsoft and the others don't care about it unless someone finds out about it. It probably happens here in the U.S. as well, but no one is willing to talk. They talk about giving money back, but those people still have no passports and are still stuck in a country with no papers and no way home. I bet a lot of auto parts are produced under the same...
It seems to have fixed the problem of hanging at "finishing sync" at least.
Who even believes most newspapers in the first place?  They all have a bias towards whoever owns the paper.  A paper owned by the Koch brothers is not going to report anything about the Koch brothers in a negative light.
Consulting firms say what they are paid to say. They have about the same ethics as politicians. They do expensive research when they know the result that they are supposed to get and then cook the numbers or rig the research so that they get the result they are paid to get. Consulting firms are about honest as politicians and car salesmen. I have no idea why people believe anything consulting firms tell them. I have IOS 7 on an iPhone 4S and battery life is better than...
I would love to see an ATV with an app store! And Amazon Prime... And a way to access and play video on a Mac but not within iTunes.
I was at the mall today and there are quite a few teens and tweens walking around with iPhones.  iPhones are very popular among teens
Anyone want to bet that the holding company only wants the patents so they can become a patent troll?
The line up of peole waiting (last photo) looks like a bunch of homeless people.
I wouldn't event take one for free.
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