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For me a huge problem with the ATV is that channels like UTube don't show closed captions -- you have very little options with the ATV version. If you go to the browser version you have lots of options. Netflix is also sadly lacking in Captions.
But what happens to the employees of the companies that get acquired? Don't most of them lose their jobs? Apple certainly doesn't need more people in HR or Payroll or the like. Most likely only the executives and a few technical people will still have jobs after Apple buys the company. The takeovers always destroy the company that is purchased.
Typical of politicians to go after companies that actually try to follow the tax code. No sane company ignores loopholes. They ignore the banks that do criminal acts of money laundering, improper foreclosures, illegal mortgages, and all that simply because the banks know to pay the government under the table. What do the senators want - for Apple to move to another country?
Gawd. This so overloads my senses. It might be fine if you have a ultrafast internet connection, but when you don't it is a huge waste of bandwidth.
There is a reason for the lack of extensions to the browsers - Apple doesn't allow this in the iOS world - apps are sandboxed.
Path needs the revenue from advertising so they do whatever they can to spam people. Also they are probably storing all the personal info they can collect so that if you leave they still have all of your Facebook friends e-mail addresses and info. They simply need money and do whatever is necessary. Claiming they no longer upload the info is debatable..has anyone verified it? Probably they are still uploading the info.
When I owned a windows machine, it was always a huge pain to try to get rid of the bloatware that slowed everything down. You couldn't even re-install the OS since the restore partition included the bloatware. The bloatware kept the cost of the system down, but made a mess of the user experience.
So how much did the mexican company slip their Supreme Court for the ruling?  Do the judges get a percentage??
They know very well how to hide their bribes.
Did it take Samsun so long to realize that you need to give big contributions to candidates? Bribery is the accepted way to get the government to do what you want.  It doesn't matter if you are slipping money to Congress, SCOTUS, POTUS, FCC, DOJ - they all respond well to money and gifts under the table. Money buys judges here, despite what you might think that they are above bribes...
New Posts  All Forums: