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And how many advertisements will there be? and how much will they track students and sell their info? Not to mention do you want Fox News being the sole news provider for schools? GAWD.
Ethics is a dirty word in the world of stocks and funds.  If you want to be successful on Wall Street, you have to be willing to lie, cheat, and steal with a straight face and no conscience.  Amazing that the SEC allows these criminals to get away with it, but the SEC isn't exactly known for ethics either.
Bah... Dumb...Dumb.. I bought an iPad 3, few months later iPad 4 comes out...no big deal. The iPad 3 is just as good as an iPad 4 for what I use it for. My iPad 3 is fine is in no way obsolete.
Biggest problem is the carriers own too many people in the regulatory agencies and too many people in Congress.  The agency people and congressmen need the bribes, so they aren't going to piss off the carriers.
They filed it in California? Not East Texas? I thought all of these lawsuits were filed in East Texas where the judges and juries are sooo friendly to patent lawsuits.
An honest judge?  Oh my!  I didn't realize there were any left.  Even the SCOTUS judges rule on cases where they have a conflict of interest.
Having trouble imagining a 27" retina screen. If they are having trouble making enough 13" retina screens, how bad will it be for 27"? However I'd hate to see them making it thinner and losing functionality in the process. Thinner is fine, but not if it means integrated graphics only for example.
This does not bode well for a retina 27 inch iMac.
Why do you need colors on a phone?
Lots of people in the U.S. would love to have work weeks not exceeding 60 hours.
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