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East Texas is the best place in the world for patent trolls; all you need to be successful is to promise the judge/jury money. I often wonder how much the judges and juries make from the patent troll lawsuits. Do the judges/juries get a percentage of the award or a flat fee?
And Amazon can inspect the phone and say it "has lots of scratches" and cut the value by $100 or more. I wouldn't trust Amazon.
So the FBI is engaged in illegal snooping?  Doesn't everyone know they do?  The federal spooks (FBI,TSA,CIA, etc) pay little attention to either laws or the Constitution; they do as they d**n well please. The Gestapo and the NKVD would have loved all the snooping equipment and technology that the federal spooks have.
Wouldn't it be great if the jury decided both companies were jerks and award 100,000 to each and tell them to go away and shut up.   Strange they are suing each other considering Samsung is investing on expanding a plant to make chips for iPhones
East Texas is patent troll heaven.  Sometimes I wonder if the reason the trolls are so successful is that they slip money under the table to the judges and juries.  The trolls know that East Texas gives trolls favorable treatment, so that's where they all go.   I used to think that judges and juries were honest and unbiased, but the sheer number of wins over dubious patents in East Texas makes it pretty obvious someone is getting bribed and bribed...
Guess that's the end of Sparrow.  This is what happens to small companies that develop good and innovative software; they get bought by larger companies, either to simply acquire the tech team or to kill the product.  This is one reason to avoid software, no matter how good, that's developed by small companies; tomorrow the product could be killed.
Considering the high costs of data, the carriers would absolutely love for all tablets and probably laptops to include cellular radios; they would be rolling in dough.
Ha.  He's probably upset because Apple did not slip him enough money for his campaign.  The 1% and corporations sidestep huge amounts of taxes.  The Senator himself probably pays very little taxes himself.  
The county government people are probably looking for some money under the table from Apple.  It never ceases to amaze me that governments complain that companies won't bring in jobs, but when there is an opportunity for more jobs, they put up a maze of roadblocks and conditions.  The only way to get past it is to grease a few pockets.  It's disgusting.     I don't understand why Apple is bothering; obviously the county doesn't want them there, so why not find...
I run Lion on 3 Macs.
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