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Absolutely! Who knows what other data they may have managed to extract from users' phones? bank info? credit card info? SS info? about the data they stole from users' phones - have they sold it to any 3rd parties yet? Anyone in his right mind will dump the app and never deal with the company again. Apple should do the same, but likely will not.
Wouldn't it be nice if these companies stopped suing each other and focused on good products?
More a nation of greedy people who don't want to pay for anything and have the moral ethics of Heinrich Himmler.
Apple should just buy them to get all of the patents.
Sure...Never mind how many iPhones Apple sells..
I bet they would break a lot of phones - they don't have the resources to test and there are too many different phones especially when carriers go off and make changes of their own.
The republicans will never allow such a bill to pass; they get way too much money in "campaign contributions" and outright bribes to allow this.
Exactly what I was thinking - Apple buys chipsets from Intel. I wonder how much of the rest of the logic board is Apple's design? How does Apple do it anyway? They have a large margin on sales, so other makers should be able to match prices if they used a lesser margin than apple.
can be in trouble anyway without the issues from the studios; the ISPs are definitely moving towards metered usage with low caps; the cablecos hate the streaming video since it replaces their much more expensive and profitable pay-per-view video on demand.
Unemployment is probably going to hit at least 15% next year as the Republican Congress cuts funding and jobs. These golden parachutes make me sick. Creepy rich people get richer while we struggle to pay our mortgage. And of course the parachute will probably be exempt from any income taxes.
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