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can be in trouble anyway without the issues from the studios; the ISPs are definitely moving towards metered usage with low caps; the cablecos hate the streaming video since it replaces their much more expensive and profitable pay-per-view video on demand.
Unemployment is probably going to hit at least 15% next year as the Republican Congress cuts funding and jobs. These golden parachutes make me sick. Creepy rich people get richer while we struggle to pay our mortgage. And of course the parachute will probably be exempt from any income taxes.
Threaten him with arrest and prosecution for stolen property. They are unlikely to pay him anything. Or maybe send over a few goons to convince him.
Would it not be cheaper for AT&T to simply bribe more members of the committees?
to slip an envelope to the judge.
a commission to the judges and juries in East Texas get from the plaintiffs after a huge award? 5% 10%? Are the juries random or are they simply paid directly by the plaintiffs?
Do the juries and judges in the East Texas courts get a cut of the money awarded? It sounds like they always rule in favor of the people filing the suit and being awarded damages. Maybe it's done in secret? What would be the percentage you have to pay for a successful lawsuit? 1% 3%??
when the companies merge, there will no longer be need for lots of duplication; accounting, management, HR, and probably a lot of others.
it actually is a spaceship.
They are just doing the histrionics to make voters think they care about the voters, when in reality they are corporate puppets collecting lots of dirty money. Nothing will stop the deal, and T-Mobile will be gutted afterwards.
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