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mmmm, I wish I didn't have to work soon or I'd head over to Tahoe's for one right now.
I deliver pizza so I'm really big on tipping. Where I work we use our own gas at work, some nights I go through $15 in gas and walk out of work in only $20 or so in tips after a 8 hour shift. I don't think most people realize that some pizza places don't pay for our gas, and that driving about 100 miles a day, working 40 hours a week puts quite a bit of stress on my car.
http://forums.macnn.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=94 That should help a little.
Vodka - Devil Springs Rum - Captain Morgan (or if it's a mixed drink only night Malibu Coconut) Whisky - Jack Daniel's Gin - (can't touch the stuff) Wine - If I'm buying, something cheap like Wild Irish Rose, or Night Train (which seems to be extinct now) Beer - Something cheap, usually High Life or Keystone, hate Budweiser though. But I love Heineken and Rolling Rock.
Did anybody see the one where she couldn't figure out what 'Chicken of the Sea' was? "So wait, this is chicken?" ... "But it's Chicken of the Sea..." edit: When I get distracted while posting people beat me to it.
Fellows, I haven't been posting here very much lately, but I am still sad to hear this. To be brutally honest, I couldn't stand you one bit when you first came to AI. My religious opinions seemed to be completely opposite of anything you ever mentioned. After a while you really grew on me. I was a little nervous when you first became a moderator, but to tell you the truth, you did a wonderful job and really impressed me with your ability to stay unbiased. I hope to still...
Nick Tahoe's garbage plates! Hell yeah, I'd make the trip across the lake on the fast ferry for a garbage plate! Oh man, I'm almost tempted to go get one now. I guess there's some decent clubs around, but I'm not really into that. If you're into underground punk or hardcore it'd be worth the trip for a good show.
You could come visit me. I think mostly people in Rochester are excited because they can get to Toronto fast. But there is some stuff to do here, you just gotta look around a little.
*eyes drift up one post* *shakes head*
What the hell happened there?
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