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It's alright for anybody to use coal. Coal is cheap and abundant, and doesn't make huge clouds of black smoke anymore. That's an environmentalist caricature.
Yes, but it's not a single quota of 5 TB. If I understand it correctly you can't use this to have > 1 TB for a user even though you have a total of 5 TB available. Being a Windows-centric service, I wonder how correct OneDrive's handling of OSX permissions and extended attributes is.
No restocking fee and no cost for the airtime/data you used.
I'm pretty sure Legere specifically said that they'll be switching this offer to the latest and greatest iPhone when it arrives.
I would argue that it's just as much about the iPhone as it is T-Mobile's network. This is an ideal way for an Android user to test the iPhone to see if they want to switch. Checking it out in an Apple Store isn't nearly as useful because of the limited things you can do.
This gives a bunch of Android users the opportunity to try out the iPhone and see if they like it enough to switch. A great marketing plan by Apple.
The Nest isn't ugly.
Even then the only reason for that is to replace GigE or a SAN fabric with Thunderbolt.
These could make great low-wattage servers. A few companies are already competing in this space.
That's because you didn't understand what I was saying. Let's say you have an iTunes library in /foo/bar. You want to relocate it to /foo/baz. In a sane world, you would just "mv /foo/bar /foo/baz" (or the equivalent in Finder), then point iTunes to /foo/baz. That's it, you're done. Instead, you must create /foo/baz, then import /foo/bar into it. That's beyond stupid. It gets even stupider when you consider that, as I said before, iTunes doesn't import everything.
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