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These could make great low-wattage servers. A few companies are already competing in this space.
That's because you didn't understand what I was saying. Let's say you have an iTunes library in /foo/bar. You want to relocate it to /foo/baz. In a sane world, you would just "mv /foo/bar /foo/baz" (or the equivalent in Finder), then point iTunes to /foo/baz. That's it, you're done. Instead, you must create /foo/baz, then import /foo/bar into it. That's beyond stupid. It gets even stupider when you consider that, as I said before, iTunes doesn't import everything.
Every other program I have that maintains a "library" or similar thing only requires you change the directory name to the new location of the library. Just move it, then change the prefix and you're done. iTunes reimports and copies hundreds of megabytes from old to new. That is indeed monumentally stupid. It wastes incredible amounts of time and requires you have double your library in available space if on the same disk. Not only that, it doesn't actually import...
Too bad they're not adding or fixing real functionality, like the totally stupid way iTunes handles changing the location of your iTunes library, the inability to custom sort albums that share a release year (it's always alpha by title), and of course the eternal lack of FLAC support.
I have a mid-2010 iMac. One reason do dislike the idea of dumping optical drives is that my internal drive can reliably rip (legitimately purchased) CDs that my external drives fail on. For an unknown reason, my externals have a habit of failing to securely rip 1 or 2 tracks, usually the last, of some CDs, but the internal drive works a-ok. The externals are a lot faster, though.
"Any publisher who is getting $10 for a paperback book is actually doing really well"   I guess every publisher is doing really well now, since standard paperback books are going for $8.99-9.99. Check Amazon if you like, since they don't discount paperbacks.
DoJ's memorandum is tantamount to "opposition is proof of guilt". No judge should countenance such self-serving drivel.  
Personally, I would wait until Apple refreshes the Thunderbolt display with USB 3.0.  
Specifically, my wmv, mp4, m4a and such like. The finder checkbox is greyed out. Is this standard behavior for these extensions, or is there some misconfiguration I don't know about?
I'm not sure what value it is to compare Intel vs ARM floating point performance. 1000x more flops? So what, few applications use floating point. Integer benchmarks are more interesting. Another advantage to ARM is die size. You don't need 1.3 billion transistors to build an ARM. Either you get more cores on your machine or get better yield out of your wafers. Unless ARM comes up with a high-performance reference design, though, it won't be competing with the sort of...
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