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I'd consider an Apple tv, if it didn't have overscan or overscan could be turned off by the user. A lot of flat-panel TVs these days have overscan that you can't turn off. It's really annoying.
If by "set a sleep time" you mean set it to sleep after X minutes of inactivity, that works just fine.
It is.
No, nor do I have any software set to automatically run.
Generic problem with 10.6.6? Sometimes my iMac will wake up a few seconds after I put it to sleep, before I've even had time to stand up from my chair.
One of the problems I have with flash thumb drives is that when you've been using them for a while, all the memory cells become "dirty". When that happens, writes to the drive become slow as molasses as the drive is forced to do reset-empty-cell-then-copy operations on every memory cell you write to. Since SSDs are also based on flash, do they also have this problem?
That's why I liked the 3.6 GHz 2-core iMacs better than 4-core iMacs.
The Mexico Best Buy is announcing iWork '11 available February 19th.
I have a late 2010 iMac, and sometimes it spontaneously wakes up, usually within a minute or two of being put to sleep. Other times it spontaneously wakes up during the night. I can tell because if it's waking up from a true sleep, the wifi connection takes a few seconds to start up, but when it's just a blackened screen the wifi is instantly available.
Looks great, but it requires palladium, an element in short supply and thus not really conducive to global scale production. It is already in high demand as a catalyst for catalytic converters.
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