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Are you saying Nehalem is an Itanium replacement? I tend to agree, what with its focus on and huge improvement in floating point and vector arithmetic and NUMA memory architecture. In fact, it looks to be aimed squarely at SGI's last remaining market. The fact that Intel never really improved Itanium in any meaningful way once Alpha, PA-RISC, and SPARC were effectively neutered as potential competition (plus it's still stuck at well under 2 GHz) suggests it was never a...
The whole point of Arrandale's design is to force just such a thing.
Improved? Larrabee is supposedly 1/2 the performance of the 9400M. The 200 series just puts them even further behind.
My bet is it's something very public: Nvidia's litigation against Intel. If Apple wants to get its new integrated-GPU products out on time and still use Intel's CPUs they must drop Nvidia. Litigation is so uncertain that Apple can't afford to place bets on who will win or when it will end, nor can they afford Intel refusing to ship them product, or put them on the back of the line instead of the front, because Apple continues to do business with Nvidia. Not selling Nehalem...
Apple's low end laptops ( and the Mini) don't have a 9600m. Remember that Arrandale doesn't even have a Northbridge, it's all integrated on die. Since Larrabee is 45nm while Arrandale will be 32nm, my bet is the IGP resides in the same package as the CPU, but is not on die. Do you think Apple will willingly suffer 1/2 the graphics performance from Larrabee (in comparison with 9400m)? Maybe, but that will be a tough sell for its customers. That means an external IGP, but...
The Atom also has a tiny cache and doesn't do out-of-order execution.
The problem is that these hot new GPUs aren't compatible with Arrandale, with its integrated GPU and memory controller. Using them would require Apple go to a 3-chip solution from the current 2-chip one. Right now the 9400m has an integrated memory controller, so Apple only needs 2 chips (CPU + GPU), but if Apple wants to work around the crummy performance of Intel's new integrated GPU (1/2 that of the 9400m) it needs an external controller in addition to the external GPU....
Some of you may be familiar with RipIt, a generally excellent DVD ripper for the Mac. The app was recently sold to Little App Factory, and apparently the new owners didn't like our complaints about unfixed bugs (some serious), because they just took down the user forum. Bah humbug!
Will there be any problem with 1TB+ drives on the iMac G5 (Rev B)?
There seem to be plenty for YouTube, but I can't find any for Camtasia.
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