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How was that a debacle? The debacle was SGI believing Intel's promises regarding Itanium's roadmap. Not surprisingly, Intel didn't deliver. What's Itanium stuck at, 1.8 GHz? Pathetic!Not much different, really, from SGI believing Microsoft's promises regarding their graphics API partnership, which Microsoft basically used to steal from SGI and develop DirectX.MIPS was doomed anyway, it would inevitably have become too expensive to develop new revisions at such low...
The replacement for Montevina is Calpella, due in Q2 '09.
I like the Mini! I don't even mind that it has integrated graphics. What I don't like is that it's so far behind the curve in terms of standard features (GMA 950, small HD) that it's a poor value for its price. Apple should at least keep the Mini up with its entry-level Macbook. If the upcoming X4500HD is comparable to the AMD 780G in GPU performance a Mini with Nehalem and an X4500HD would be a sweet little machine!
That I don't get. Most DSLRs are USB, it seems. If you're shooting with a 10-12 MP DSLR (that's a starter DSLR these days) in RAW or high-quality JPG you're generating gigabytes of photos with little effort. Transferring that to your computer over USB must be excruciatingly slow.
It retails for £780. See a review here.
Do I prefer SPARC to the botch that is x86? Sure. I'm also a big-time MIPS supporter (SGI > Sun). Unfortunately going x86 was a far better business decision even though it's a vastly inferior technical decision. Apple has little incentive to spend its own dollars on cpu R&D when it can leverage Intel's for free. I'd love to see what a SPARC or MIPS R10k could do with that kind of development, but alas it's not to be.
Shouldn't May '09 be Nehalem with Calpella? That's the right timeframe for the introduction of Calpella.
If Apple would get off its duff and design a Mini with the same dual-core CPUs as the MB Pro, optional quad-core CPU (when available), X4500HD GPU, slots for 4GB RAM, and Apple-TV sized so you can have an internal power supply and 3.5" hard drive, why would I even want a small tower? That would be a killer box.
New Posts  All Forums: