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Last time I walked into a Best Buy there was maybe 1 or 2 USB/FW drives, and dozens of USB/eSATA drives. FW was a lot more expensive than eSATA too, though I doubt the BOM would bear much difference in cost.True, but irrelevant if they perceive no host support. Apple's Macbook decision will be seen, rightly or wrongly, as a sign Apple is on the road to abandoning FW entirely. If the inventor of the technology won't push it, why should the vendors?My estimate would be no....
With the paucity of existing FW devices, and Apple itself effectively deprecating FW, why would any vendor jump on the FW3200 bandwagon? Intel owns the USB standard and has effectively quashed FW on the PC side by ignoring it, while eSATA external disks are so much easier to find than FW ones despite its newness. A whole lot of people think of USB only in terms of peak bandwidth, while ignoring Firewire's superior sustained bandwidth, latency, timing, and the ability to...
Playing Blu-Ray hosted on a server elsewhere on your network and served to the Mini via NFS, Samba, or iSCSI, just like you can with VIDEO_TS files from regular DVDs.
Hardly surprising. USB is an Intel standard, and Intel controls PC design.Firewire is what HDMI should have been.
Might I suggest iTools?
I find it amusing Apple would put a chip on its iPhone that has hardware HD video decoding, when Apple doesn't bother to use hardware for HD (though its non-integrated video chips support it) on Macs.
How was that a debacle? The debacle was SGI believing Intel's promises regarding Itanium's roadmap. Not surprisingly, Intel didn't deliver. What's Itanium stuck at, 1.8 GHz? Pathetic!Not much different, really, from SGI believing Microsoft's promises regarding their graphics API partnership, which Microsoft basically used to steal from SGI and develop DirectX.MIPS was doomed anyway, it would inevitably have become too expensive to develop new revisions at such low...
The replacement for Montevina is Calpella, due in Q2 '09.
I like the Mini! I don't even mind that it has integrated graphics. What I don't like is that it's so far behind the curve in terms of standard features (GMA 950, small HD) that it's a poor value for its price. Apple should at least keep the Mini up with its entry-level Macbook. If the upcoming X4500HD is comparable to the AMD 780G in GPU performance a Mini with Nehalem and an X4500HD would be a sweet little machine!
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