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Sometimes change is good.  Sometimes change is only change.  Lately Apple has been kind of a mixed bag.  I appreciate the fact that we are "cool" and "cutting edge" but change for the sake of change is irritating to those who use Apple products as business tools and are not developers (or extreme techies)
If there was ever a perfect time for Apple to work on standardization between platforms and stability, this is it.  When you are ahead it's time to consolidate the gains is one nearly perfect set of systems.  Meanwhile you can be working on the next set of innovations.
I also agree.  I would prefer an OS that changes less frequently.  I prefer incremental change and improvement rather than change fore the sake of change.  I suspect that a lot of others prefer commonality and standardization and will embrace innovation only when it produces a truly significant improvement.  Preview is a good example.  The markup tools (EG. The ability to form a box around a selection) are not as simple to use in the current version compared to the last.
We do not need a NEW iOS.  We need an iOS that works, reliably, all the time.  One in which new features take a background to the fact that iOS "just works".  In the "good old days" Apple products were popular because they "worked" and one did not need to spend hours trying to figure out "how they worked".   What Apple chooses to name the improved and stable iOS is unimportant.  What is important is that both iOS and OS X become stable and intuitive again.
To tell the truth, there are too many conflicting stories about this for most of us to get the complete picture.  On the other hand if the government wants to regulate it (whatever "it" may be) I strongly suspect that the ones who suffer will be the people of the United States.  Do we really need an increase in regulation?  Or would it be better to let the market regulate itself and, if it does a bad job, would it not fail of it's own accord?   Government desires to...
Does anyone happen to know if SQUARE will retain the option to punch in the credit card manually?     For the people who only need it for a few transactions each year it would sure be nice if they retain this option.
It just gets worse and worse (the UI that is).  No Ive does not sit at a computer terminal designing UI.  But he gives overall direction to UI and that is a progressive disaster for the ordinary user.
I agree.  The entire company is focused on lots of things except the main thing, which to me means stabilizing all the little quirks in Yosemite and IOS that happen now and then but most people write off because they are neither consistent or predictable.  If Mr Ive wants to change the way everything looks (even though it is not my preference and makes it more difficult with my less than perfect eyesight) fine.  But let's get back to the old standards which made Mac my...
Other than to satisfy the massive ego of Mr Ive I am having a really difficult time trying to figure out why Yosemite even exists as an update.  I would be satisfied if major updates only happened every two or three years.
I agree with the concept that Mr. Ive has too much power, regardless of who gave him the power.  He has misused his position to force his minimalist design concepts on the entire UI experience.  Bad idea.   Contrast and color exist in nature and make our lives easier.  The same concept should be applied to software and user interface.  The bland, colorless, no-contrast, thin lined world preferred by Mr Ive really makes the user experience a giant pain as virtually...
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