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I really like the update.  Do not know if others notice much of a difference but on my iPhone 5 IOS-8 was very unstable and I had to reset the phone daily in order to make it useful (Apple researched the problem for me and I actually went through 4 devices before we collectively gave up).  IOS-9 seems much, much better.
Good catch.   An awful lot of this is no more than a bunch of developers who are under the control of a designer.  Both love change for the sake of change ("Ohhh...lookit what I can make this do").  Perhaps someday Apple will put someone in charge of all this that understands User Interface....but I'm sure not holding my breath.  Truth:  I'm glad that Apple is doing well financially.  But I buy their products for productivity and, at least in my little world, productivity...
"Whatever happens, I hope this'll mean Apple gets over its obsession with thin and start making laptops that are more feature-rich and less port-poor. Every time I think of getting a MacBook Air, I end up asking myself if there's that much difference between it an my iPad with a keyboard. I draw a blank."   I'm in the opposite situation.  I bought an iPad Mini.  Tis a $500 calendar and reminder.  It's great at that and I like the size.  But when I think about it...
Boy.  Did you ever get that right.  
You have spoken the truth.  The iPad (pads in general) are great for certain application (airline cockpits, etc) but I suspect that there are tons of people who are discovering that IOS (with it's lack of a hierarchical filing system, incomplete word processing capability, etc) is not so terrific.  I have an iPad which I use all the time.  But it's no more or less than an expensive calendar and suspense file (Reminders still needs work).  I'd love to have something with a...
Amen brother.  You have outlined it perfectly.  It's so doggoned simple.  
Sometimes change is good.  Sometimes change is only change.  Lately Apple has been kind of a mixed bag.  I appreciate the fact that we are "cool" and "cutting edge" but change for the sake of change is irritating to those who use Apple products as business tools and are not developers (or extreme techies)
If there was ever a perfect time for Apple to work on standardization between platforms and stability, this is it.  When you are ahead it's time to consolidate the gains is one nearly perfect set of systems.  Meanwhile you can be working on the next set of innovations.
I also agree.  I would prefer an OS that changes less frequently.  I prefer incremental change and improvement rather than change fore the sake of change.  I suspect that a lot of others prefer commonality and standardization and will embrace innovation only when it produces a truly significant improvement.  Preview is a good example.  The markup tools (EG. The ability to form a box around a selection) are not as simple to use in the current version compared to the last.
We do not need a NEW iOS.  We need an iOS that works, reliably, all the time.  One in which new features take a background to the fact that iOS "just works".  In the "good old days" Apple products were popular because they "worked" and one did not need to spend hours trying to figure out "how they worked".   What Apple chooses to name the improved and stable iOS is unimportant.  What is important is that both iOS and OS X become stable and intuitive again.
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