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I would think the think the point was "Why not allow the USB-C port draw power so you could place a USB-C compatible lightning cable in it and charge the remote next to the Apple TV if you wish?" I know in my house, the chances of the remote getting misplaced is proportional to the distance the remote travels away from the TV. 
Maybe you notice them a lot because they're ginormous! I don't know how people talk on them without a headset.
The issue resolved itself after about 2 days. Best of luck!
You should never judge a company's brand new product on either 1) the way it works on day one, or 2) it's potential. The first error assumes that a new product ought to be perfect right off the bat when it's introduced into the wild (or its doomed to fail), and the second error assumes that the company will inevitably get it right. If you want to know why Apple has developed such great products outside of its original product line (since Steve Jobs took over again in the...
We will love this for long car rides across WY, where major carriers don't have LTE coverage. In addition, we have the lowest data plan possible, so we don't usually stream videos in the car.
From what I can tell, prices for the same refurbished products on Apple's website aren't much more than Gazelle's used prices. For instance, a used iPad Air 2 (16GB, WiFi) is $399 on Gazelle, but it's $419 refurbished through Apple. However, there's an 11-month difference in warranty, since you still get the full year through Apple. It will be interesting to see if those prices hold. I could definitely see buying the older models from them, though, especially as a first...
Nice! I know T-Mobile has its coverage issues, but the biggest upside to T-Mobile for us is WiFi calling and free streaming on most music apps. But here's a question: does the free streaming cover when you make a song or album available online and it downloads to your phone over LTE?
On Saturday, both my wife and I noticed that the App Store on our phones was not looking right. First, the "Featured" "Top Charts" "Explore" and "Search" tabs were blank (see screenshots).       Second, when a weblink designed to take you to the App Store to download a specific app was clicked, it would open the App Store app but go to a blank page on the "Search" tab.   At the time, I assumed it was an App Store outage because it affected both of our phones. But...
We've got a mid-2008 White Macbook (Macbook4,1) with a non-functioning "m" key. Looking into it, I think I need to replace the whole top case, as it seems like it's a hardware issue. However, new top cases are around $120, and I don't know if I want to put that into the 2008 machine. My thought is to buy a dead Macbook on eBay and take the top case from that, hoping that one as all its keys functioning. Two questions:   1) Has anyone tried the same thing who can let me...
Why so much hate? A musician with a product to sell chose not to enter into a contract with a distributer, and publicly explained why. Whether she's right or wrong, it's her product, and her leverage.
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