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I for one have had a poor experience with iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s (apps crashing, Siri does not work about 1/4 of the time, choppy UI, especially when an audio app is running in the background) and so have encouraged friends not to upgrade until at least the next iOS 7 update. Granted, some of the issues could be the apps themselves and not iOS 7, but one issue that is the Camera app crashes often when accessed from the lock screen. None of these things are the end of the...
I was in a Delta terminal last month, and hearing the announcements I thought, "That sounds just like Siri!" Guess that explains it.
I actually like Tweetdeck on my iPhone, and I've put off finding another solution because of that. It gives me a quick, clean glance at my timeline, plus custom easy-to-view lists like mentions and a search to see when someone tweets a link from my blog. Twitter actually turned it into a pretty good app. Any suggestions on a good replacement app?
On the advice of a friend, I moved to Feedly. It's currently based on the Google Reader API, but they say they will be ready to go by July 1st with a seamless transition to different API. So far, it looks great on my Google Chrome and iPhone. Also works on Firefox, Safari, and Android. http://blog.feedly.com/2013/03/14/google-reader/
I am surprised that Google has not been able to turn Reader into a moneymaker, because it really is a great service. Most folks will be frustrated by the death of Reader because there aren't any comparable alternatives. Sure, there are other feed compilers, but Reader is the best out there, especially for the price (free).   Hopefully this clears the way for others to step up and create something just as good...and preferably free. FWIW, I wouldn't mind ads, if it...
Aren't Swatches kids' watches? I got one when I was five, I think. Are we going to hear from the makers of Leapster that the next iPad won't be a big deal?
One thing I wish were possible is going from a Google map on Chrome right to the Google Maps app. Am I missing a way to do that?
  "Fallacious" carries with it the meaning of not just "false" but the intent to deceive someone. The information on the maps was not just incorrect (false) but was intentionally put there. So yes, "fallacious" is a fitting word.
$80 is $80. Other than the screen, I don't see much reason to spend $80 more for the 5, not to mention what I'd spend on adapters and/or new accessories.
I was wondering that myself. I picked up an iPhone 4s at my local WalMart yesterday for $47 (could have gotten a 5 for $127). Only available in stores, though.
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