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$80 is $80. Other than the screen, I don't see much reason to spend $80 more for the 5, not to mention what I'd spend on adapters and/or new accessories.
I was wondering that myself. I picked up an iPhone 4s at my local WalMart yesterday for $47 (could have gotten a 5 for $127). Only available in stores, though.
I haven't been able to find that feature on Google Maps yet. Am I missing it or is it not there?
    "Turn-by-turn navigation is available only on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 2 or later with cellular data capability." From here: http://www.apple.com/ios/maps/
One thing that seems to be missing: search via voice like you can on the Chrome app and on the Google Search app.
Thanks, that worked for me.Next step: integrate it with other Google apps. As an iPhone 4 user (i.e. no Siri), the Google app is very useful, but asking for directions still sends me to the Google maps website, not the new Google Maps app.
My iPhone is slated to ship on July 23rd; just checked and the date remains the same. Anyone here experience delays?
Just switched over the HTML5 on YouTube (using Safari), and the clips I watched started playing before they were completely loaded. Seemed snappier than the Flash version, too!
Macs grow obsolete at a slower pace than cheap PCs bought at a Best Buy. I'm not sure if I'm in the minority, but I buy Macs and do my best to get my money's worth. I had a B&W G3 for almost 7 years that required one $80 repair before getting my current MacBook. Sure, I'm not a "power user" so I can be content not having the latest specs, but I don't know of many PCs that last that long without serious problems. In the end, I need to replace my Mac less often than I...
It seems that that while there aren't a whole lot of early adopters of the Kindle, those who have them really like them. The problem is that at present, they are expensive enough, there's not (relatively speaking) enough books and media you can read on them, and there's enough mystery about them (and how to use them) to prevent widespread adoption. So, people dismiss the Kindle as a fad for the moment. Meanwhile, Amazon is quietly improving their device to drive the...
New Posts  All Forums: