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Nice! I know T-Mobile has its coverage issues, but the biggest upside to T-Mobile for us is WiFi calling and free streaming on most music apps. But here's a question: does the free streaming cover when you make a song or album available online and it downloads to your phone over LTE?
On Saturday, both my wife and I noticed that the App Store on our phones was not looking right. First, the "Featured" "Top Charts" "Explore" and "Search" tabs were blank (see screenshots).       Second, when a weblink designed to take you to the App Store to download a specific app was clicked, it would open the App Store app but go to a blank page on the "Search" tab.   At the time, I assumed it was an App Store outage because it affected both of our phones. But...
We've got a mid-2008 White Macbook (Macbook4,1) with a non-functioning "m" key. Looking into it, I think I need to replace the whole top case, as it seems like it's a hardware issue. However, new top cases are around $120, and I don't know if I want to put that into the 2008 machine. My thought is to buy a dead Macbook on eBay and take the top case from that, hoping that one as all its keys functioning. Two questions:   1) Has anyone tried the same thing who can let me...
Why so much hate? A musician with a product to sell chose not to enter into a contract with a distributer, and publicly explained why. Whether she's right or wrong, it's her product, and her leverage.
1999: "Consumer-level laptop? Nothing new."   2007: "Smart phone? Nothing new."   2010: "Tablet? Nothing new."   2015: "Paid music streaming service? Nothing new."
That was my hope, too. Or at least allow family sharing to include iCloud storage. I'm sure iCloud storage will become more user-friendly as time goes on, but in our house of six Apple devices, I've found that I have to choose between using Continuity/Handoff on multiple devices (which requires using the same iCloud account on those devices) or having more space for iCloud backup on our mobile devices (which requires having multiple iCloud accounts to get the free...
 True. When my wife and I got our new iPhone 6's, I was surprised at the new iOS and how it managed photos. I just turned off all sharing and we import our photos the "old fashioned" way: connect via USB to our MacBook Pro and import into iPhoto. No duplicates, no missed photos, all backed up via Time Machine.
Thanks...I guess there isn't a solution. Maybe we're in the minority where we only have one family computer, and we don't mind sharing a user account. Hand-off and Continuity are new features, so maybe in the future there will be consideration for how multiple user accounts can use Continuity on the same computer.
We do each have our own iCloud accounts, and on our iPhones we are signed into our respective accounts. Right now, the MacBook is logged in under my iCloud account. My question is wether there is a way to have two iCloud accounts on the same Mac for the purpose of Continuity/Handoff working for both of us on the same Mac.
Thanks...it helped a bit when I deleted all but four extensions and restarted. The four I kept are MeasureIt!, OneNote Clipper, Pocket, and Save to Pocket. I then disabled those and restarted, and I'm still getting 8-10 "Google Chrome Helper" processes. While they are not taking up nearly as much memory, those processes (not including the actual application) are using over 600MB of memory. It happens even when the only thing I have open in Chrome is an incognito window. If...
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