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And how many hours people have clocked up say on D2, 5000? 50,000? 500,000? With number of players dropped by 70% + in less then 2 months of release, calling it a catastrophe is an understatement.Now take you blizz $5 and go troll somewhere else.
If its true then Apple would have to supply a filer for us to file down our fingers to hold the "thinner" screen bezel without accidental touches. Other than that, if it is true, then it would mark the end of iPod touch or iPod classics.
They have lost all their reputation when it was revealed that they were collecting private data over wifi sniffing with their street map cars.
I'm pretty sure Jobs himself won't be too happy if his products was used for and partly responsible for the deaths of millions.
I am sorry but can you provide reliable proof of the profit margin claim of yours? And do you seriously expect me to believe that a product which has superior design, high grade material, attention to details and cutting edge manufacturing techniques has a relatively much higher profit margin when compared to products that has photo-copier design, cheap slap-on plastics and attention to placement of advertising logo stickers, which costs the same if not more? Your reality...
Mine too, since upgrading to iOS5 my ipad1s safari gets system shutdowned due to low memory very often, I hope they fixes it with iOS 5.1.
Don't feed the troll, don't feed...
Maybe apple will offer something very close to whats on iTunes now, with tv contents, where there are paid shows and "free" ones that comes with iAd. I agree that the contents are the most important factor here other that the UI, and to get a good range of contents onto the device the content providers needs to be financially motivated. Hence a rethink of the old ads versus a new interactive ads that people don't mind watching?
Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere before. So jobs said he has finally cracked the tv problem, I believe we are all very eager to know what he really meant. I personally believe that the up coming apple tv, on top of Internet connection and a very user friendly interface, would have an elegant way to integrate adverts (iAds?) into the usage of the tv. Steve himself said that people go home to have their brains switched off by watching tvs, and that is the...
And within the 30% of English speakers, 30% are westerners, 20% are Chinese who lives and grew up in a western country, 50% are people who thinks they can speak English. To be on topic, I agree most if not over 90% of those 4s is going though some sort of resell chain, be it in mong kok or the main land. So yea, I would say we are gona see mandarin Siri coming before a Cantonese version.
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