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Exactly right.  Ridiculous that the AI article mentioned nothing about the broader stock market's gyrations over the last week, which is supposedly all due to the price of oil.
If a stylus is a "terrible solution to an already solved problem", why does the Wacom tablet still exist and why is it considered indispensable to graphic designers, art directors, advanced photoshop/illustrator users, etc.? Calling that market "niche" as if it's irrelevant is like calling Whole Foods irrelevant because it's not Sears.
Consistency is probably the most important thing in something like the brand/model number. The phones' paradigm of alternating a new number with that number "S" works fine now because everyone's accustomed to it, and "S" has meant, consistently: no new form factor but improved functionality (primarily). The "S" label even seems like a model/brand Apple is committed to, the way they're designing the packaging. People do say, "I'll wait for the 'S'," (usually if they had...
It's going to be a long time before you can get HBO without subscribing to premium cable.  The owners have vested interests in both - vertical integration.  The only reason this is happening is that only HBO cable subscribers can access HBOGO, so there's no net loss of cable subscribers due to this enhanced access - only more reasons for people to stay addicted to HBO and its required cable subscription, and they might even attract more premium subscribers because of the...
No, they're not. Please, look it up: who owns HBO?  There you go.
23rd St. is not "downtown Portland".  It's a highly over-congested commercial stretch on a narrow street in a residential neighborhood.  The hubristic Portland government has designated this area as prime for "in-fill" commercial development, but the reality is that it's over-capacity already in terms of infrastructure support.  Just drive on 23rd or Burnside near there any soggy afternoon rush hour and prepare to pull your hair out.    This new location is much, much...
Maybe both an affect and an effect!
I would go with Apple. AT&T customer service at 3am/Midnight isn't going to be a happy place.
When "Retina Display" came out, I remember press about how the resolution was actually higher than the human eye could discern, at normal reading distance (i.e., you'd have to use a magnifying glass to perceive the pixels). So if they made the screen 10% larger, I really doubt it would have appeared fuzzier to the user holding it at normal distance from the eye. But this is obviously an academic point, for now.
No doubt. US has some of the weakest consumer-protection regs in the developed world.
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