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I don't think its actually saturated but definitely getting more that way. The market is not the number of quarterly sales, its really the number of units in use and users. Tablets have a very different upgrade cycle and different jobs to be done (even if some use cases overlap with phone and laptop). With phones, there is a pretty aggressive 2 year upgrade cycle. Almost all 3S and below are sitting in drawer, most 4 have succumbed to their age and hard living and the 4S'...
The apps themselves are relatively simple and do not cost much to develop. Decent requirements and some smart Ukrainians can create some whizzbang stuff for a few hundred thousand dollars. Where IBM will make billions is the implied and required data, services and infrastructure requirements that enable whizzbang apps to work. Data Architecture, new data warehouses/ODS, big data analytics, service-oriented architecture, ESBs and cloud servers, BPM managing workflows, etc....
Agreed with the first 2 posters. Vastly worse. Those deals are always/usually available and not even the best prices for those things. The app is terrible and far less efficient in managing large lists etc. Were you paid to write this?
Which Cape Cod BB is closed? Hyannis still seems to be open? Not sure there have been any others on the Cape in a long time.
Keep checking the Apple refurb store. 2012 Servers sometimes show up there. At the very least the quad core base model comes up and you can add 2nd drive or make it a fusion for very little and some elbow grease. Server OS is available from App Store for $120.Other people should have the 2012 Quads on closeout as well often without sales tax.
Still not available for me either. Error. Try again later.
To be fair, that's a celeron processor at 1.4Ghz not an i5, relying on USB 3 and external drives is not industrial strength, not to mention that ChromeOS is not remotely  up to Yosemite standards - so not really equivalent at all. But your point that it is no bargain probably still stands.
Not looking that good. Underpowered base model (like a MacBook Air but without the benefits of the SSD) plus more expensive mid and high-end models with dual core i5 vs. quad core i7 before. Iris graphics at the top end. All a bit meh. All in, I'm sure the bump for haswell has some benefits but there seems no compelling reason to upgrade any 2011 or 2012 models.
I got the base quad i7 2012 model, put in an SSD and 8GB and that thing rips. 8 threads, 1.25GB fusion drive for $850+tax. The SSD is the most amazing upgrade and homemade fusion drive is best of both worlds. Just salvaged a 2008 MacBook from sluggish to rockin with a $100 upgrade. I call shenanigans on anyone asking for a bigger mini and invoke the 2005 law against requesting an xMac (between mini and power mac/Mac Pro) ;-)
Canadian carriers seem to be much worse scheisters than the US ones who pretty much unlock GSM phone once contract is UP or paid off. The $75 loonies for unlocking is unconscionable and this law change in the US probably leaves you SOL. However, this headline seems weird. I just had AT&T unlock an iPhone 4 I picked up off ebay for cheap. I just used one of my 5 annual unlocks and it came through in 24 hours. It wasn't even mine originally, though it was clean ESN and...
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