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Is Igzomania related to Amoledophonia?  
Pioneer is a Japanese corporation and no longer makes TVs. They were the best when they did make plasmas but that is several years ago now.
But it's not half price is it as far as Nokia is concerned. It was $400 before subsidy and now it's $350. This is the kind of price reduction you would expect from any manufacturer except Apple (who just takes increased profit rather than try to generate more sales from lower prices). It is hardly a comparably bad sign for Nokia as most of the other harbingers of poor sales and being Osborned by Ballmer.
Probably quite well. Apple doesn't do much that is knee-jerk, it bides its time and strikes when it is ready. See what it has done to Google in Maps and search (by keeping it out of Siri's front-line sources). It took 3 years to get Maps to be good-enough to kick Google off the stock Maps app. Samsung will get its day. It takes years to invest in and build up the competitors (see Sharp and LG partnerships). When those are ready and TSMC are ready to make the A6 or A7,...
  Really... 2010. When the iPhone 4 came out. Really?   My aged mother could have done that in 2009 when she got her first iPhone. My friend's dog was all over this in 2008 when it downloaded its first app...   Really... (Seth & Amy), Really????
BTW - I think this is RIM's Q1 2013 results, not 2012. That year was over, early.   FY13 is the only way they see 2013 at this rate. They have 3 more quarters until BB10 makes any impact. Can they even make that?
Nice deflection of the key point which is not that his mum didn't like her Android but that VZ actively pushes people away from the iPhone because it is more expensive for them to acquire (subsidy is $100-200 more) and nets not much more revenue than a cheaper Android sale. Thus the OPs point stands. His mum not liking Android was just gravy... ;-)
Unless you bring facts into it. Last quarter carrier activation numbers (their sales plus Apple Store, etc.) clearly showed that Apple sold more devices in the US than all Androids combined (73% of all new smartphones at AT&T, 53% at VZ and >50% at Sprint). Unless T-Mobile and the tiny local carriers somehow can somehow reverse that trend (highly unlikely). What is apparent is that the iPhone 4S sells multiples of the next phone down the list. This will decline as we get...
Isn't the key issue the fact that it (and all WP7.x devices) is orphaned from the WP8 native code base. Anyone coding natively for WP8 won't be able to run their apps on WP7.X phones like the L900.
You'd better hurry up then...
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