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Also: RIP Muhammad (or Cassius...)
I just had lunch at Specialty's - a west coast US gourmet sandwich chain - and they just installed iPads as the ordering stations with a little card reader strapped to the bottom of each. Very efficient and the only extra step was inputting the number of one of those buzz-box notification coasters, but it overwhelmed the manufacturing in the back since they were getting iPad, online and regular POS-based orders at the same time.   iPads seem to be a total POS (as the...
"RIM is expected to decide whether to work with a band in the next few days" They already worked with U2, who is bigger than them? I think bands might not be the way to go. Though that One Direction seem to be popular with the BBM tweens...
But probably implemented badly. Like simple voice command before Siri, like touch-screens before iPhone, like tablets before iPad... need I go on? Others just don't seem to have the chops to do these things well enough in a complete package. The LG ad with the girl standing in front of her TV telling it things to do is brilliant!!! /s
Margins on PCs are generally pitiful as well, except when Apple make them.
The whole point is that AT&T now DOES have real LTE in some markets. The test confirmed that. They don't have the FauxG DC-HSDPA but real LTE. The "4G" is the top end of their old 3G network - HSPA+. They don't have as much geographic coverage with pure LTE but the point was that Verizon's LTE comes in different flavors too, some of which are about the same as AT&T "4G"
Who in their right minds wouldn't have considered that with an unlocked price of $449, suggesting at best a $350 carrier subsidy (and it wouldn't surprise me if it isn't $250-300 with an extra $50-100 spiff from MS) then at the low volumes this is going to sell in, there is not much actual profit after marketing and fixed costs... iPhone costs $190-215 in parts at 10x Nokia volumes and makes about 65% gross margin before the fixed costs are allocated. It's ASP is $200 more...
AT A LOSS!! Can't make that up in volume...
I can't swear to it but I believe Android's origin was as a response to WinCE/WinMob which threatened to lock Google out of an MS dominated world. It had some passing similarities to Palm and RIM but MS was the target of fear for Google. Funny how it all turned out, eh?
Is Apple the iceberg, the torpedo or both? Android has hurt them in the low-end for sure but in all the big companies I work in (consulting) it is iPhones everywhere that are displacing high-end BBs.
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