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But most enterprises are enabling open choice for handsets (cheaper than BES and you don't have to buy the handsets). There will be nothing to go back to soon enough. Most of my BB toting colleagues are moving to iPhone (a few nerds to Android).
They beat recently lowered expectations. That they lowered... a few weeks ago. Not a big win.
My question is what does Samsung count as a smartphone? They just announced this week that they have sold 30M Galaxy branded smartphones (since April last year - S and S2). Even if that were quite heavily weighted towards the last quarter, i doubt that more than 10M would have come in the past 3 months. What are the other smartphones counted? A few WP7 (not many of those), some Bada (where? Korea?) and probably a bunch of crap like the Intensity 2 which has apps, can go...
But some key stats would include:Is it more or less than 2% of devices?What proportion of total mobile browsing is it?How quickly has it achieved each point of browsing shareHow quickly is it growing (by devices and usage/per device)I would guess that all of these stats show the iPad to be the superstar it is... 5% next year, 10% the year after that... as people adjust their internet use cases from laptop/desktop to tablet and most specifically to iPad. I already do the...
Hot damn. The plot thickens. I always though a lot of this sue-age was just to keep the oppo off balance, but this (and the Oracle suit) might actually come to something.
Apple has clearly said that it will cannibalize its own products as needed and probably is doing. The declining iPod market is clearly being eaten in part by iPhones and the Mac growth rate my well be higher without the iPad. Your stipulation about it being a similar product line has no bearing and is just your own addition.
It's a little clickbait-y to pronouce this as though it is the first time it has happened. Surely the 2008 & 2009 figures also had wireless devices ahead of computers by semi-conductor value? PS 1st!
Funny how Balls-mer is shouting about 350M new PCs per year when he just announced 400M Windows 7 licenses sold. Everyone thought that was so impressive yesterday. Now we see that it is really just over a year's new PC sales. Since I doubt that the 400M number is excluding new PC sales, given that since Oct 2009 when Win 7 was launched, there have been about 600M PCs sold, that 400M is about 2/3 of that total. Assuming that 25M were Macs, the the same were Linux/Unix...
I don't think that your analysis is correct nor your recollection of history. The Android is Windows analogy has been raised and dashed many times over the past 2 years. Phones are nothing like PC's and phones are only one segment of the overall Post-PC market (which Apple continues to dominate). Apple has never been the market leader in smartphones at any point in its life, but remains the market leader in its chosen segment - high-end smartphones. It massively outsells...
No it isn't. As well as the news that Apple was bidding up prices on components to lock out competitors (esp. after 3/11),http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...el_supply.html Apple has been prepaying for parts in the billions of $s - that is a premium in itself since it gives the supplier 60-180 days extra with the cash to invest, make a return on etc.
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