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And it's in NSA interest to plant and spread tales like this if they wish citizens to avoid Apple's encryption. Just like the stories they planted about Europol - for example - being upset with the fabulous encryption inside Skype which frustrated efforts against the Mafia. Just as MSoft was completing the deal to buy Skype.
D* never revises services mid-contract. Only content providers bright enough to look ahead and include provisions for a Web channel get it. Bloomberg, NBCSN, for example. Saying that, excepting a small portion of local news from so-called local ABC channel, I watch zero from ABC.
2013 was a "buying opportunity". Just checked back on my last significant AAPL purchase - which was in the depths of 2013 - and that lot is up just under 79%. Plus what I already owned at the time. OK by me.
Pleasant surprise when we made our weekly grocery run, Saturday. SPROUTS chain has their new chip-and-pin/NFC-enabled machines in place - and APPLE PAY. Now, we only need TRADER JOE's to roll out.
Crossing the paywall to read the FT is almost as masochistic as doing the same at the WSJ.  And paying the same reactionary fools - ultimately - in both cases.
Thanks for reminding folks that using Apple products doesn't make you less of a racist.
Sometimes you get what you deserve.  If you don't stand up for liberty - I ain't worrying about you getting a little inconvenienced.
I presume this is a rhetorical question?   The point of a demo is to communicate [1] via the mass media.  They're more likely to cover an event at a showplace like the Apple store.  [2] Apple customers are more likely to be voters than folks on Skid Row.
Yup. Educate young minds the way we build roads. Contract to the low bidder regardless of materials quality.
Keep on rocking in the Free World!
New Posts  All Forums: