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Know any bubbas who stopped buying Toyotas?
Meanwhile, laws protecting privacy are like laws protecting free speech.  They aren't tested by Republican wimps reciting nursery rhymes.
There are NRA members in France.  They would sell guns to Heydrich.
So, um, no one in US journalism ever noticed the history behind the so-called China Labor Watch. Originally funded by Tories as Freedom Fighters, chartered to fight the return of colonial Hong Kong to China. Most of their funding nowadays channeled through Amsterdam - a broader reach to scumbags who wouldn't know the inside of a factory on a bet. They "report" from Hong Kong based on "anonymous" spurces on the Mainland. Nothing for real news sources to verify. Best...
We're doomed I tell you.  Dooooomed.
What a wimp article. You couldn't mention it was Ed Snowden who told us of NSA snooping? The reduction in venom may be a reaction to public opposition to creepy snoopers?
Never had an NDA with Apple; but, had 'em with other firms you're likely familiar with. Never silly enough, never considered that self-importance trumps explicit confidence. Always had time-delimited arrangements, though - allowing me to contribute once any info embargo ended. Always made sense and allowed 1st-person analysis when it was legit.
Folks classify the half-century plus I've spent in activism as ranging from progressive to radical - but, I still have no problems with a tech leader sitting at the head of the table at a state dinner. Xi and Obama meet at important levels and folks like Tim Cook are included in. Of course. This ain't Congress, children. As for bugs. Few and far between. But, then, I always ask the same question: have any unapproved 3rd party wonders on your Apple critter? No need...
I imagine the update is soon. Rec'd update for Kindle, today, for El Capitan compatibility.
I certainly hope Apple engineers remember all the touches that make DVRs popular. Once they stuff an HD back into the system, a live buffer is possible and that allows for your own instant replay. I just reminded myself, watching England v Switzerland live in ESPN on AppleTV instead of my DirecTV DVR. Preferable because 1080p upscales even better to 4K than does 1080i - or so it looks to these old eyes. But, then, I try to rewind and look at a play, again - and...
New Posts  All Forums: