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Rebooting worked fine, yesterday. Just checked and Rebecca leads discussion of how Chelsea intends to crush Crystal Palace and lock up the EPL title.
A juvenile report from ego-smitten fools. Not worth inclusion even as back alley gossip.
Mail me a penny postcard when Dawn gets past hypocrisy. Or maybe she just doesn't do math. Foxconn at its worst had the same suicide rate as Cincinnati. Time wasted reading crap.
Always heartwarming to witness bigots embracing the latest excuses for their bigotry. Tawdry attempts to drag economic myth into the question only points out further the role of ignorance in maintaining a role for religion in American politics. Laughable. Equally stupid.
Google has become as despicable as they come. Equally contemptible are American courts that consider individual liberty, personal privacy important only if dollar$ are involved.
Wheel-mounted distance measuring devices have been around for decades. Measuring to 1/100th of a mile often. Most state hwy dept have a few. I imagine the antenna is feeding recording devices in van + iCloud.
"solipsismy - I suspect we'll see one this year, and I hope it comes with H.265/HEVC and 4K output along with iTS 4K options starting to appear." 1 - 4K is roaring down the TV street. Already replaced HDTV as the preferred giveaway with car dealers, furniture stores, banks, etc..
Nice to see and hear an Apple commercial without MTV edits, sophomoronic music.
When questions of doing business in China are on the table, I'll wait for a more reliable source than the Times, thank you. Still Cold Warriors.
And it's in NSA interest to plant and spread tales like this if they wish citizens to avoid Apple's encryption. Just like the stories they planted about Europol - for example - being upset with the fabulous encryption inside Skype which frustrated efforts against the Mafia. Just as MSoft was completing the deal to buy Skype.
New Posts  All Forums: