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I think Prime customers w/o AppleTV or Roku would appreciate a discounted price - especially just after the subscription bump. OTOH, even as a Prime family and happy users we don't need another box in the entertainment center that adds little beyond our existing AppleTV. And they're all better than my incompetent Samsung so-called smart TV. Which I bought because of pixel quality and cpu for the price. Their idea of OS and software is years out of date.
Porting to Android means deciding which Android to port to. Most Android stk's won't scale from device to device the way iOS does. Back up and look at the whole picture. Watched an interview with a pair of developers who have over $200M/yr from their app - just from iOS. Interviewer asked when Android and why not yet. They said there are 800 individual flavors - and even picking the top ten, that meant developing for ten specific platforms with lots of similarities -...
Most Americans are Chevy buyers on price. The rest of the world makes the price decision and gets a VW or Toyota. The reasons haven't changed in a half-century. Parochial and familiar is good enough for Americans. The rest of the world is willing to make a bit more of a quality decision for their earned income. So, McMansions are big - and energy inefficient; supermarket chains rely on sugar; fashion is defined by Kohls and Walmart; and the Super Bowl provides 12...
A7 processor, stuff a hard drive back in as in the first gen - or a larger SSD... Saved my mind this morning when DirecTV had a problem streaming Bloomberg's Surveillance. Fortunately, AppleTV added Bloomberg a few weeks back and I just switched over and watched the show live. Which was great - with Ken Burns as a guest for the second hour discussing the new Ken Burns/PBS history series app. And the AppleTV stream is the same as the iPad app stream - no commercials.
Understand the TIMES cultural history. Their hatred for Apple as a long-time symbol of counter-culture is only surpassed by Cold Warrior hatred of China. It's a twofer for editorial policy.
Childish is as childish does. Upper middle-class brats.
Island Hermit should revisit what corporate purchases are made and by whom. Google's purchases in recent times are greater than the sum of the next five tech companies - including Apple.
Why pay attention to ANY tech analysis from Wells Fargo?
There are beaucoup Americans whose interest in life and work, creativity extends beyond national boundaries.  There's a skill called "reading" that aids the endeavor.
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