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Logged in 3 minutes after release started and went slow and steady right on through. Can't complain.
Another occasion to enjoy a comment by a loser. Out of touch not only with music; but, recent history of music. Har.
Mastercard: "respect our role in the ecosystem" - is fracking hilarious. The greedy bastards are pissed off that Apple went the VisaNet for worldwide access, adopting VISA protocols, essentially endorsing that as the best network solution. Crappola copout.
Like Foxconn, Catcher Technology is a Taiwan-owned company. In fact, maintaining mass production facilities in Taiwan as well as China. Understand the roots of China Labor Watch go back to founding to oppose return of Hong Kong to China. Nowadays their funding comes through fronts in the Netherlands. Offering short holidays to MI6-types delivering paychecks. OTOH, efficiencies of automation can overcome offshoring. Labor costs, for example, in most Apple products are...
There still isn't a patch for stupid.
Parochial Americans are better served when they wander away from years of Cold War ideology and pay attention to local politics in other countries. For example, the US spent decades telling us the Kuomintang was ready to invade and free the Mainland. Not only absurd; but, that party now is the leading voice to reunite as a great business deal. Or you can keep on dulling your brain with the dross issued by both Murdoch and Obama.
Guess some folks think music should make them feel like they're driving a Camaro. Living every hour of your day with a tune you can whistle accompanying your life ain't bad.
I wouldn't touch either with Ted Cruz's 10mm pole.
Hardly anyone more boring, phony, than so-called security experts pimping their analysis = hoped-for sales.
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