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Guess some folks think music should make them feel like they're driving a Camaro. Living every hour of your day with a tune you can whistle accompanying your life ain't bad.
I wouldn't touch either with Ted Cruz's 10mm pole.
Hardly anyone more boring, phony, than so-called security experts pimping their analysis = hoped-for sales.
World Cup v Super Bowl? +1
Way too conservative, Gino. Think IBM's doings only approach the Fortune 500?
This falls into the sad and common category of "reports" that are based on editorial opinion - not serious analysis. Do I think Apple has lagged the market potential for AppleTV? You betcha. There are a number of features where they should have provided leadership and access. But, why listen to me? I'm the guy who kept sending emails years ago to Steve Jobs to buy DirecTV and solve lots of content problems in one shot. Now, a stodgy outfit like AT&T shuts that...
NSA needs an updated backdoor in Skype.
Even in beta, it probably works better than Samsung's crap software in their so-called smart TV. It's convenient to go straight to Amazon Prime for content from the TV. After it stalls several times - about half the time I use it - I switch over to AirPlay on my iPad through to completion. Navigating their software is like DOS 3.1 with icons.
I guess the crap coming from the NYT in some ways fits their Yellow Peril version of a reborn Cold war. They lump every Asian manufacturer from India to Japan into their hate and fear China campaign. So, even though Apple isn't the heaviest investor in Chinese industry by any stretch of the imagination - they are one of the best known. Courtesy, I guess, of hacks like Richtel and Chen. Not certain how they expect to benefit over the next few years of decline they're...
Illegal drone photography?
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