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Keep on rocking in the Free World!
When do I get to use these - or any other BT headphones - with my AppleTV?
Have to wonder if a species this backwards deserves to survive.
Automagic case study.  Creepy old companies like Rite Aid, Walmart, try to cut out convenience of credit card system established in the bedrock of American retail commerce for decades.  And their product competing with Apple Pay isn't even ready to roll out in beta.  Sounds like Google saying "we have even better encryption than Apple, we're just not ready to debut it, yet.   Real soon now.   Meanwhile, Bezos drives financial analysts crazy with the pace at which he...
700 apps. Too lazy to tidy up. Cripes.
Still waiting for Chase and Amazon to sort out their VISA card. I love those reward points.. They cover movie and TV watching on Amazon Prime for me. But, until they get on board, my purchases with ApplePay go through Citi.
Bloomberg TV, this morning, has a video with Olivia Sterns - one of their journalists - shopping Walgreens, Whole Foods, etc., using Apple Pay and loving it.  It ends with her unable to use it on Uber - but, the live commentators noted Uber was updated later that day.   http://tinyurl.com/k36xkoh
The NY TIMES will publish their version this afternoon saying it's China's fault. FOX will follow with an expose on Al Gore, Michelle Obama and vaccination.
Up and running just fine. I'll give it a day or two for helpful hints on using a few guaranteed non-intuitive apps I use to find their way onto the Web. Like using new Super Duper with iCloud Drive?
Comey can stick his lazyass whine where the sun don't shine!
New Posts  All Forums: