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CNBC occupies the same stature as FOX "news" in my editable DirecTV Guide. The slot is blank, nada, nuttin' honey. No need to list an opportunity to pay attention to useless regardless of subject.
Racism is mean-spirited. Slavery is mean-spirited. Feel like trying it on - as a slave? Cripes. It's like explaining up and down to superstitious fools who don't believe in gravity.
Actually, haggar, there are a fair number of Americans who care about legal vs illegal - willing to battle to maintain the difference. Relying on populist whines achieves squat.
Anti-trust investigations only raise 1 question: which office do these AGs plan on running for next? That's what it's all about.
No new ATV. Most disappointing. Realize content owners are creeps, but, updated, higher powered hardware overdue. Easy enough, now, to start streaming 4K movies and compete w/Netflix and whoever hits the Web with existing film-based content.
Rebooting worked fine, yesterday. Just checked and Rebecca leads discussion of how Chelsea intends to crush Crystal Palace and lock up the EPL title.
A juvenile report from ego-smitten fools. Not worth inclusion even as back alley gossip.
Mail me a penny postcard when Dawn gets past hypocrisy. Or maybe she just doesn't do math. Foxconn at its worst had the same suicide rate as Cincinnati. Time wasted reading crap.
Always heartwarming to witness bigots embracing the latest excuses for their bigotry. Tawdry attempts to drag economic myth into the question only points out further the role of ignorance in maintaining a role for religion in American politics. Laughable. Equally stupid.
Google has become as despicable as they come. Equally contemptible are American courts that consider individual liberty, personal privacy important only if dollar$ are involved.
New Posts  All Forums: