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"Blowing away" existing SmarTV GUIs is about as difficult as obeying the law of gravity. Most not only look like they were designed by me hanical engineers - they were undergrad engineering students at that. We've had 2 of the breed, so far, and all that's been useful was programming the Amazon Prime button into my Harmony remote.
These creeps are NOT content "makers" - they are content "owners.  I'm certain we all understand the difference.
They're all untrue.
First instance I see of the "new" management waiting too long for perfection before pulling the trigger.   Apple had the opportunity - as recent as a year ago - to move AppleTV to a new position of strength by doing all they are capable of doing next month:  hotter processor, 4K capability, app store, moving more individual content providers onto the menu.   Instead, rumors say they will drag their feet on 4K - even though competitors are already advertising...
For whatever reason, sales of watches, decent quality up to outrageous prices, are down since the Watch made it's appearance in the market.
Nice buying opportunity, yesterday. I had to sell a loser I planned to drop in December - grabbed a little more AAPL. Too tasty to pass up.
TIMES OK for lifestyle and culture. Foreign reporting generally needs Pentagon or State clearance. :-] Politics getting candyass to match Dems lack of spine. I go to the Guardian for global reporting and, though quirky, not too bad on Apple.
You lot make me chuckle. Beancounters running marketing is how companies crash. See Sony.
CNBC occupies the same stature as FOX "news" in my editable DirecTV Guide. The slot is blank, nada, nuttin' honey. No need to list an opportunity to pay attention to useless regardless of subject.
Racism is mean-spirited. Slavery is mean-spirited. Feel like trying it on - as a slave? Cripes. It's like explaining up and down to superstitious fools who don't believe in gravity.
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