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My nightmares with LaCie products ended when I ceased purchasing them. I had to have the power supply replaced several times on one Big Disk, and then the logic board failed completely, taking all my data with it.
I've owned one Nokia phone in my life. It was the worst user experience of just about any device I have ever owned. The phone was so bad that even turning up the incredibly low volume was major problem, conveniently left unexplained in the so-called instruction manual. I had to do a web search to find the answer and it wasn't found on Nokia's site.   I have vowed to never buy another device from that company.
I can only hope the cameras are better, because frankly, they are not very good in iPhone 5. My girlfriend's Android phone has a significantly better camera.
  Blackberry has ~80 million users world-wide. Just because it has a small market share doesn't mean there isn't much of a market for the device.
The reason those Airs are so cheap is that they only have 4GB of RAM. People buy them then realize it was a mistake not to have 8GB, especially since the video memory is shared. 4Gb is pretty much a bad joke.
Free TV isn't available everywhere. I can't get ABC in my town even with an antenna, so I simply never watch that network since I absolutely refuse to pay for cable tv.
Ridiculous prices for these cables when the exact same cables can be purchased for much less.
    I use throw away addresses and I used one specifically for, and only for Apple. Two weeks later the oddly relevant spam started. So, no, I can't say absolutely that Apple sold my email address, but the evidence is reasonable that it did.
I stopped participating in iTunes related content when Apple sold my password recovery email address.
I HATE scrolling banners so much I reluctantly must say goodbye. I find them too much of a distraction, even with the beautiful new and easier to read design that makes excellent use of white space and contrasting black type. I come here to read, not to be continually interrupted by pointless moving images.   No, I won't let the door hit me on the ass on the way out. I'll be back if you ditch that horrible idea.
New Posts  All Forums: