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Too little too late, Sprint.
Don't fall for it. Sprint's connectivity is lack lustre at best unless you're near a subway station. Their phones are also sim-locked and Sprint won't do an IMEI unlock for you. This has serious consequences when you travel outside the U.S., such as basically bricking your phone. Even paying for international data service is useless with a Sprint phone. Try T-Mobile instead, and buy your phone outright.
Mann, an engineer and professor, is actually considered "the father of wearable computers." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Mann
Google Glass isn't even an original idea: http://eyetap.blogspot.com/2012/07/physical-assault-by-mcdonalds-for.html
No problems here connecting to my Hyundai. In fact, it seems to work slightly better.
I hope English is one of them.
This looks like a screen cap from Sim City.
What took 'em so long.
My nightmares with LaCie products ended when I ceased purchasing them. I had to have the power supply replaced several times on one Big Disk, and then the logic board failed completely, taking all my data with it.
I've owned one Nokia phone in my life. It was the worst user experience of just about any device I have ever owned. The phone was so bad that even turning up the incredibly low volume was major problem, conveniently left unexplained in the so-called instruction manual. I had to do a web search to find the answer and it wasn't found on Nokia's site.   I have vowed to never buy another device from that company.
New Posts  All Forums: