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i have some pix on my MBP...how do i get them on to my iPhone 4?
got it fixed.. never mind :)
wast sure where to put this but i guess it goes here.. i have a 2010 mac book pro, iPhone 4 and iCloud... the cloud and phone sync great.. its the MBP thats giving me major issues.. can't get my one calendar to sync  .. played around with it for hours yesterday but not sure what i was doing lol and whatever i did dint fix it tho it didn't make it worse..i posted this to apple support forum and apple mac rumors forum but got no replies.. PLEASE HELP ME :))
nah i agree with the person who said you dont HAVE to bring bags to work...
i miss the sparrow.. it was a good app
  i dont think they will be able to hold inventory.. i can't believe how sold out it all is.. everywhere! :(    side question - why does apple keep flooding the air waves with mini commercials when they can't even have any to sell?
i want an ipad mini (don't we all haha) but i am tired i mean TIRED of playing this cat and mouse game and getting wrong info from apple employees, if i get any info at all from them. apple sold out first and second days. on the second day while i was trying to track one down at best buy, target, walmart etc.. apple got some in but as i said sold them. if i order from apple.com i get a delivery of 11-27. if i order at apple.com for store pick up i can only...
so on launch day my apple store was sold out as was my best buy..oh wait correction: on launch day they only has 32gig.. today they only have 64gig.. something don't add up there..  the employee at apple said to go online tonight (sat 11-3) after 10pm and order one and i could pick it up at the store this sunday.. does that sound right?? right now it says for delivery 11-27!! i am tempted to go to apple and be first in line monday morning.. (i'm assuming thats...
(background:  got to apple as i said at 9am.. sold out.. apple store woman said "go online saturday night and order one for in store pick up and you can get it Sunday)   so here's a tangent question. store said whatever they don't sell gets offered to the public.. ok so how long do they hold orders for? when does this happen? and how do i get one i mean oh i'm confused... can someone also explain the order process? someone goes online and orders an item and it...
even tho they say sold out of both "base" models of black and white.. we can still go to our local Apple store on Nov 2 yes?
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