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If only it included iTunes outside the U.S. (Japan). As it stands now, my wife will love it and I will never use it.
BS. If a patent shouldn't have been granted (not saying this is the case with these patents) then there should be a way to have it reversed. You're knee-jerk reaction is unnecessary.
How about adding the cover art back to the bottom left corner when viewing in list view (and have sidebar open). I am not the only person who feels this way. Check out Apple's own forums. Rookie move, Apple, Rookie move. I've already downgraded.
Yep. That works. Thanks.I still terribly miss the cover art preview from the bottom left corner (sidebar). This might be a deal breaker for me.
I just wish I still had the CD Album art at the bottom left of the sidebar (left side). I would double-click that and use it as a mini player....a better mini than the actual mini player.Am I missing it somewhere? Hmmmm....I guess I just need to look up. Thanks Stephenbw....just dumb luck I found your post above mine.I still find it clunky that I have to open the mini player, double-click the pick, and then close the mini player to get the album art player. More steps...
Totally incorrect. You can have multiple Metro apps open at one time. Where do you get this info from?.
Speaking from a person who did a clean install of Windows 8... I have been using it for a couple of weeks and overall, I like it. It is faster and I like the GUI changes as well as things such as native ISO support in the OS. Having said that, my Start screen has ZERO Metro apps. Instead the Start screen is populated with a desktop icon plus icons for HDDs, folders, desktop programs, etc. So, in the end, I am 95% ignoring the Start Screen except when I need to use it as...
What are you talking about? Their laws require Apple to provide 2 years of warranty service on all their products over there (unlike the poor warranty period here in the U.S.). Apple is STILL selling AppleCare on their website, which would give the buyer 4 years of coverage.The SAD part is that Apple has intentionally tried to circumvent the warranty laws in the EU in the first place. I like Apple products, but their lack of willingness to follow local laws really makes...
HOW do you make this conclusion? "IF Apple finds another supplier other than Samsung....OTHER companies WOULD try (eventually) to find other suppliers" THAT is one hell of leap...and I call total BS on it.
Sarcasm? So you're going to play the sarcasm card now that someone has faulted your logic. Nice. (For the record...THAT was sarcasm)
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