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We can do the same with Skype over 3G and LTE. If Apple isn't wiling to stand up to AT&T regarding this BS then people will either simply not use Apple's facetime or will instead use Microsoft's (a competitor) Skype instead.
No. They CAN be sued. Anyone can be sued for just about anything. They cannot be sued in the form of a class-action lawsuit.If we were to use your personal rationalization of AT&T's nonsense then ALL of AT&T's data plans are unlimited in that they all let a customer "use the service anywhere you're on our network that we have data.
Nope. You are wrong. I pay taxes every year and I use the standard deductions. I don't use any loopholes whatsoever. I don't turn in my charitable donations as a tax deduction. I didn't request the deduction for my hybrid back in '04. Please don't claim everyone would do the same thing. Many people are not greedy people who feel they find a way to keep every buck. I live a basic (low middle class) life and don't feel the "need" to fill my life with as many $$$ as I can make.
And what "blatant lies" are you referring to? I would really like to see you back that statement up.
Then turn on the option to block moderators' posts.Or set up an account with the same name , or obviously similar name, that doesn't have the moderator tag.Many of us are tired of your constant drivel.Iif someone makes a post that is logically sound, BUT doesnt 100% support Apple you invariably disagree...just to disagree. Sorry to tell you this, but Apple ISN'T always correct.
I stand corrected. That doesn't change the fact that Apple must follow the law just like everyone else. Apple knew what they were required to do. They instead chose to play games. The judge shouldn't have to spell out what any reasonable person would understand they judges's instructions to be.My brother is an attorney and it makes me sick to see him use loopholes and play semantic games to help people avoid taking responsibility for their actions. What Apple did is no...
My point is that as moderators, their posts cannot be hidden. We cannot block them, therefore it is an abuse of their powers on this forum when they post their personal opinions. There job is to moderate. If they wish to post personal views they should use a non-moderator account.
@Moderator I am NOT an Apple lover or hater. Nor am I a (Apple) competitor lover or hater. I use both Apple and non-Apple products. Heck, I just bought an iPad Mini (with 40% profit for Apple -Yikes!) this weekend because I find it the best choice for a tablet (for my uses). So stuff the Apple hater BS. I do wish that the moderator would ... well, moderate...instead of posting more comments than any other forum member in this thread. Leave the discussions to the forum...
OMG...I cannot believe the hypocrisy, rudeness, lack of consideration for others, and general nastiness of many of the members here on AI.    Apple lost the case. Period. Apple tried to push the view (to the public) that Samsung copied their tablets and that consumers cannot tell them apart. The court decided to force Apple to reverse that statement in a public venue. The deed is done. Get.Over.It.(Apple).People   Apple won in the U.S. and Samsung may have to pay...
Yet Apple has no problem suing companies that use the word "pod" . Sorry dude, but this works both ways. You asked who would confuse iFone and iPhone, right? You realize it was APPLE that filed the lawsuit in the first place back in 2009. So, obviously Apple thought that it was confusing enough that they wanted to take the name usage from the other company.By the way, your comments like "Mexico is not an important country" and "let the foreigners buy Android and Windows...
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