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My 2 cents...   I like Apple products (can't stand the company)   I think they deserve some credit, but not 2.5 billion dollars of money they didn't earn. They are doing quite well with the 40(?) billion dollars they have stashed away, much of which they keep overseas to avoid paying taxes in the U.S.   I am not wasting my time. I often find useful information and even occasionally (getting rarer and rarer) have a reasonable discussion.
More along the lines of just being a power hungry jerk who likes to flaunt his power and then laugh at people who react to his threats.
Sounds good, and if that is the case we can then see how Apple is magically coming up with a 2.5 billion dollar price tag. According to Apple they want a few bucks (per device) for the bounce, a few more bucks for the double-tap, but most is purely trade and dress BS. I am still trying to understand how the purchase of a Samsung smartphone is an automatic loss of a sale to Apple. Does Apple really thing they are the only go to guys if a customer doesn't buy a Samsung...
/alreadywalkedaway   But, for the record..."Don't post silly stuff. Copying/stealing is bad, and deserves to be punished. If proved. As it will be." is a statement, not a question, so there is nothing to answer.
It seems like that is the case with several folks here as well, but at least they are not "Moderators"
Okay, play the stereotypical Jewish mother routine instead of actually answering questions. I have lived with friends' parents who played those games. All you can do is just walk away and shake your head.
Cannot find anything that Samsung allegedly stole from Apple. There are some potential patent infringments, but that is not theft. Apple claims that Samsung is using Apple's trade and dress...again...that is not theft. So, tell me, what did Samsung allegedly steal from Apple?
No no and no. She stated it couldn't be used as evidence. Koh was simply pissed that Samsung outmanuvered her in her own courtroom. He cannot be found in contempt since he didn't violate anything...and if the judge tried to make that stick without any reason other than she doesn't like them, she can find herself on the end of a lawsuit, have the lawsuit overturned in an appeal, etc.
Ad hominem attacks? Really? Also, you didn't answer the question.
I am aware of that, but when someone here states that Samsung "stole" something they are wrong. Samsung allegedly stole something. Stating otherwise is incorrect. And my question was valid as I would like to know what Samsung allegedly stole from Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: