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That (if true) doesn't change the truth about Apple crazy profit margins. And HOW does this relate to threatening to ban someone?
Please explain what Samsung has "stolen"
One point that I just cannot get past is that Apple is asking for basically all the profits from Samsung regarding these devices. So, how does Apple PROVE that for each sale Samsung made, Apple loses a sale at a 1:1 ratio? I know many people who would simply buy a different Android or Windows Phone before buying an iPhone or iPad (and vice versa - for the rabid Apple fans to cool their jets). There is simply NO WAY Apple can prove this unless Apple truly wishes to be the...
  8 billion dollars? After expenses, it was 2 billion dollars, which Apple seems wants to take from them. I still don't understand how Apple is going to prove that for every dollar Samsung made, Apple lost a dollar. That makes the assumption that the ONLY two players in the market are Apple and Samsung AND that EVERY person will go out and buy an Apple product if Samsung's weren't available. THAT seems very, very unlikely to be proven.   Actually, they probably have a...
You didn't answer the question. How can she punish anyone for a company releasing information to the public? While she may not like it, it isn't illegal. Where does she think we are the old USSR?
Possible future outcome: Apple "wins". Samsung cannot sell their Galaxy phones and tablets in the U.S. Samsung decides to take their business elsewhere...all of it. They cut off the supply of parts for the iDevices and Apple suffers while searching for other tech hardware suppliers. The winners? The lawyers who make a FORTUNE off this nonsense. The losers? The customers who end up paying even more for products. 
And this is where the nonsense comes in. It is okay for Apple to steal, as along as they do it before the idea is patented. Sounds like much of these things shouldn't be awarded patents in the first place. 
Samsung spent over $3.5 billion on R&D last year. Don't tell me that Samsung doesn't innovate. Actually, I just have a problem with people who are too lazy to correct their errors. Perhaps these are the people supposedly spent hundreds of dollars on tablets and didn't realize they were not iPads?
I thought Apple didn't copy, but instead innovated? Uh, Steve doesn't hate Androids, he hated (past tense - he is dead) the Android OS. Big difference.
BS and hearsay. If a person ACTUALLY spends several hundred dollars on a tablet and cannot deduce that it is or is not an Apple iPad versus a Samsung Tablet (or other tablet) then the problem doesn't have anything to do with whether the products look similar or not. This would be due to a lack of mental capability or a lack of literacy. Sorry. Not. Going. To. Believe. This. BS. The box clearly states what company makes the product, whether it be Apple or Samsung (or Sony,...
New Posts  All Forums: