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It has to do with everyone. The money (10% of the total R&D in the U.S.) goes to lawyers instead of innovation. Also, people are less than willing to quickly invest in technologies when they fear such a tech will simply create another lawyer-fest. This has a negative effect on growth, so it does bother me, and it should bother you. 
My Samsung TV, washer/dryer, and heating pad are all Samsung products. They all look just like other HD TVs, other front loading washer/dryers, and other heating pads. So, should they be sued because of that a well?
Apple's R&D. Siri as an example. Apple BOUGHT the Siri software, which ran fine on the 3GS and 4 models, and then placed an artificial limitation in the software so that it would only run on the 4S. Yes, that is R&D $$$ well spent. Apple doesn't use others' ideas? Cough....Notification Bar in iOS 5....straight from Android (and whoever else Android got it from). Yet, people cheer when Apple came up with the notification bar. Total BS. 
Yes, I do believe this. Apple has turned into the Microsoft of yore. It is all about the profits, which in itself is not unexpected. BUT when Apple has Ives state, for the record, that Apple isn't about profits...well, then any of Apple's credibility goes out the window. So what is Apple's aim? It seems they want to completely corner the smartphone market. Then what? People have a choice of Apple...(let me do the math, carry the Apple....divide by Apple) or...Apple? Is...
Ummm are you really stating that Apple isn't making a profit? Heck, they have billions of dollars offshore being hidden from U.S. taxes.Apple IS PROFITING from their own innovations and inventions. The problem is that many of those patents shouldn't have been awarded, or at best, should be FRAND patents. Swipe to unlock, really? A flat screen with a bezel? Really? I agree there are some patents that Apple has the right to ask for compensation, such as the double-tap to...
I am so tired of all this litigation crap. I have to deal with this enough as my brother-in-law is a slimeball attorney. I really am to the point where I will be selling my iPhone 4 and my Galaxy Nexus for a Windows Phone. Or...just sell both smartphones, get a basic dumbphone, and then go back to using my laptop. I don't see TV manufacturers fighting over the appearance of the gazillion HD TVs being sold today. I know I couldn't tell the brand of a TV if it didn't have...
SOME look ALMOST like? Really? And you expect people to believe the claim that people bought a device thinking it was an Apple device even though BOX and the DEVICE both have the words SAMSUNG on them? The statement about Samsung wanting more for the FRAND patents than other manufacturers is hearsay. Do you have any actual proof than what Apple states? Oh, wait...Apple isn't about the money. Right, and I have a bridge to sell you. If it wasn't about the money (simple...
If Apple uses this design you I feel sorry for fitbit. Somehow or other Apple will sue fitbit and force them to give the design over to Apple.
 argumentum ad populum 
No. That just proves this hypothetical person is stupid. Or they simply cannot read the word SAMSUNG on the front....or identify the APPLE logo on the back of the iPad. This BS argument over whether Apple has the right to patent a black, rectangular device just astounds me...How can so many people believe this nonsense?
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