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I said it before he died and I'll say it again....Jobs was a dick, a good salesman with grand ideas, but still a dick. I still love the quote about his anger towards Google "copying" iOS and wanting to waste every penny of Apple's money to go "thermonuclear" on Google. Real level-headed guy. I hope people still remember where Jobs got the idea of the Macintosh OS from...oh the irony (and yes I lived through that time).
Too bad more of the Apple people here cannot do the same. (This also applies to those who practically worship MS / Google / Sony / Nintendo / etc)
I wish I could keep all my cash overseas and avoid paying taxes...all the while doing business here in the U.S.
It might be illegal depending on the location, but to stamp a moral judgment ("...is still wrong.") on the purchase of a knock-off bag doesn't seem accurate. 
This sales tactic has been used forever, not just with iPads. That's what a return policy is for (and the BBB to file a complaint against the company employing the weasel of a salesperson).
Your first post and you attack the judge and Samsung calling for his imprisonment? Wow...just, wow.   You realize that Siri, which Apple touted as the be-all-end-all of iOS updates was NOT CREATED BY APPLE??!!!??? But instead, Siri was purchased from another company and added to iOS. You should note that Siri used to work on all iPhones, but Apple intentionally limited it used to the iPhone 4s. So does that mean Apple doesn't innovate either? 
Please identify which IP and patent violations you are referring to?    These?   "Apple has insisted that the three Samsung tablet products infringe several features of Apple’s design right, such as 'slightly rounded corners,' 'a flat transparent surface without any ornamentation,' and 'a thin profile.'"
A black rectangle with a glass screen? That same design exists in my living room....it's called a HD TV.  I cannot believe supposed adults are arguing over the appearance of these tablets. The comment about identifying the devices is just stooooopid. I cannot ID a TV at a glance either...I look at the logo on the front. 
New Posts  All Forums: