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Okay, elaborate, in detail as the specifics of the 4 patents that are being fought over since we laymen don't seem to have a clue.
Not surprising since the only phone that runs iOS is the iPhone. If you count all Android and all iOS then Android sells more. This comparison is worthless since Apple only sells one phone, the iPhone. I would like to see the numbers based on models iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, Galaxy SIII, SII, yada yada. (I still prefer the iPhone) At least this would give a better comparison between iOS devices and Android devices.
At least MS is presenting such an idea.    Does Apple have one OS that can work as a computer and tablet depending on the situation? Nope. Got to have 2 devices and 2 OSes. Does Apple have true handwriting recognition software? No. Got to buy a Windows machine.   And it isn't an act of faith. Currently, the Surface is the only device that will provide those capabilities. I am not tied to MS or Apple. IF Apple created such a device I would buy theirs. Same with any other...
So unless we fawn over Apple's products, we shouldn't expect a reasonable discussion. Never mind, your comment provides me with that answer....Unicorns.../sheesh
No matter what positives you provide the MS haters will still poo poo your comments. Sooner or later you give up on reasonable and intelligent discourse.
Hyperbole much? I use both everyday and each works fine. Both OSes have little niggles, but if someone wants to start a OS war over them...well that is their choice.   Yes, certainly in English. I can enter Japanese (kana, romanji, and kanji), Korean Hangul and English faster using a stylus and Windows' handwriting recognition faster than I can type (and correct) on an iPad's onscreen keyboard. Using a real keyboard is a different story, but we are talking about using a...
That wasn't the claim. The original claim was that PC and Windows users are cheap people. 
And yet MANY people use BT keyboards with tablets. And who made you grand PooBa regarding whether a tablet can accept input via a keyboard? Dude, screw you six ways to Sunday. We have both Mac Minis (one hooked up to our main TV the other in our office) and PCs in our home in addition to iPhones, Windows Phones, 2 iPods, 1 Zune, 1 imported Sony Walkman, Apple TVs and a Roku. Don't push the "lamewing is a Windows fan BS". It just doesn't fly. I will use whatever works and...
And yet AI's title is "Microsoft faces 'major dilemma' pricing Surface tablets against iPad" So why is this chart even in the article when it clearly is SUPPOSED to be focused on the Surface...which is NOT a 3rd party tablet. The chart states Surface style tablets....hmmmm
And no response in regards to those of use who use Mac Minis...(and even run...gasp...Windows on them). I guess we are all just cheap bastards.
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