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Because you can have a device that acts like a tablet and a desktop/laptop. Most people who buy a Surface Pro and plan on using it as a desktop as well (me) already have a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Really no different than someone who buys a Mac Mini....already owning that extras. 
BS. Most people I know with who use Windows have high-end systems (both laptops and desktops).  If you want to state that people who don't want to spend a lot of money buy low-cost PCs, that is fine, but your blanket statement is worthless. So are all people who buy Mac Minis for the most part cheap?
That chart states MS would have to include $90 for the OS in a surface tablet yet stating Apple doesn't have to for the iPad. Why? It is MS's baby, as the iPad is Apple's, so that info is inaccurate. Also, the line that includes "other" tacks on another $12 with no explanation.   Until this data is updated correctly, it is totally invalid.
Fairly accurate, but I really think describing the iOS users as dumb and Android users as more sophisticated seems rather rude and inaccurate. Many iOS users probably are less technologically skilled, but that hardly makes them less intelligent.
Having said that, most Android users I know still use iTunes, so this program would be useful.
Incorrect. If nothing else...a keyboard like this lets you use the entire screen instead of having your screen half-filled with an online keyboard. Also, no one knows what they keyboard will feel like. Notice the MS keyboard has raised keys. The keyboard in your photo does not. 
Windows 8 also has an on-screen keyboard so you can use it just like an iPad in regard to usage....OR you can set it on a table and use it like a laptop.  The keyboard isn't for your lap...sigh. I really cannot believe all the naysayers who have nothing but negative comments simply because they suffer MS rage-hate. The idea of a portable computer than can act as a tablet AND a desktop computer is a fantastic idea. If Apple were to create an iPad "Pro" that could run iOS...
Then buy a Windows 8 - based tablet that uses an i5/i7 CPU instead. Then you DO have the killer device you mentioned.    Those same consumers that you mentioned would be just as confused with the continuing fragmentation of capabilities across iOS devices. [Facetime over 3g only works on iPhone 4S model, not the iPhone 4. Don't forget the lack of Siri on the iPhone 4 even though it even worked on the 3GS before Apple bought the tech - cough BS....]    I
Then I might sell my 2011 and upgrade to the 2012...before Apple redesigns it as well...:/
My question is do the NON-Retina Display Macbooks (new 2012 Models) have upgradeable RAM or do they also have the RAM soldered to the mobo?
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