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I assume you mean membership in an organized religion?
  UPDATE: I think the iPad Mini would make a great replacement for my smartphone (iPhone 4)...   Right now I have an iPhone 4 on on my wife's plan, costing and additional $10 for the extra phone, $10 for the lowest level family plan, $10 for texting, and $30 for data. This costs us $60 + tax = $67.xx    I RARELY use my phone as a phone (maybe 30 mins a month). Mostly I text and use Skype and sometimes Facetime. I'm going to sell my iPhone 4 (not in contract anymore) for...
I am happy with the updated Mac Mini, but I am on the fence regarding the iPad Mini. I like the size and don't really care about the lack of retina display, but I wish they would have simply stated that it doesn't have a retina display instead of playing up that it "has the same resolution as the iPad 2!!!" REALLY? I really hate hyperbole and obsfucation of the truth.  Grrrr. Also, an A5 Processor? The iPad Mini is really obsolete before it hits the streets (based on how...
Might as well stop complaining about it...The verdict was made and upheld by three (3) other judges. Move on with your lives. If Apple doesn't want to comply...then they shouldn't be allowed to sell in the UK. Simple. Move on.
44% vs 56%. Okay, but "...surges..." Really?
Stop being a sarcastic d#%@. It is obvious what he meant. 
I use an iPhone 4 (and a Gnex too) and I am still waiting for more widgets for the iOS notification bar. Weather and Stocks....lovely. How about adding widgets that let us avoid going to settings every time we want to turn off wifi or activate airplane mode....etc etc. 
He never said ALL Apple users were complaining...those are your words, not his.
And replace it (for the next year) with some even worse? That makes a great deal of sense. Google's "mediocrity" vs Our Own "worse than mediocrity" Sheesh.   Sorry, putting aside all the back and forth that goes on here, I don't see how anyone can say this was a wise decision.
The Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Nexus already do this. So, somehow Samsung it stealing Apple's ideas again. Seriously, HOW can Apple patent something that others are already using? What about prior art?
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