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Like the prices are any different (subsidized or unsubsidized) each iteration. Why is this even a "news" story?
I had just gotten used to the size of the old Nano...as I use one for a watch. I guess Apple realized, just like with the shuffl and the short/fat nano, that the nano needs to be bigger. Too bad they couldn't keep both sizes, but hey.   My only complaint with the new nano is purely cosmetic...it is FUGLY a sin. If I didn't know it was an Apple product I would think it was Colby knock-off mp3 player. Yuck. 
Oh gods, not true. The classic is NOT appreciated by audiophiles. If you want higher quality sound (which I can hear) get a Sony player. Or get a 5th gen iPod Video...or a 4th gen iPod with a Redwine upgrade.   Proven to be false time and time again? I can tell the difference with music....AND even do the Coke/Pepsi challenge 100% of the time.  My hearing is so sensitive (high frequencies) that I could tell if you left your CRT TV on outside your house (with the sound...
Very unexciting and a bit ugly (except for the all white and all black models IMO). No storage increase. :(   Most importantly, no 3G. I guess I will keep waiting until my dying days for such a device. Imagine an iPod touch with 3G: iMessage, Skype, Line, internet all the time, no need for a contract. But, I guess the Apple and the cell companies simply won't let that happen. 
Note that T.S. was a moderator on Mac Rumors for about 3 years and it was the same there. 
Your job is to moderate the forum, not to post, post and post your opinions, sarcasm and satire. If you just want to be a regular member, then that would be a different story.    I want to block you because I am tired of seeing all your comments...plain and simple.
My question is this: Does a patent stop anyone from making the same product or a similar product. Example? Does this mean that NOBODY can every use word completion software for the next almost 20 years since Apple has the patent on it....OR...does it mean that a competitor cannot steal the code and use it in their device? If someone writes DIFFERENT code to accomplish the same word completion action are they at risk?   This is the problem with software patents. I could...
BUT...the law does allow the sale and resale of used CDs as well as passing them on to someone else after death. That is NOT the same as distribution...there is only one copy. Using that reasoning, he should be able to pass on the rights of those songs to his kids when he dies. Whether is be a physical CD or a file (still physical) he should be able to pass them on....except the RIAA and Apple want to stop this so that people are forced to buy new songs. Maybe if all our...
That was a Braun portable radio, not a thermostat.
Shills, really? JHFC the stupidity.   More likely Samsung didn't feel that those patents deserved to be awarded. I believe several of those patents will be invalidated due to prior art. As mentioned by others these patents complaints are holding up so well for Apple in countries other than the U.S. The US only has about 400 million people. While Apple may win a case in a court a few miles from the company by people who want to support the U.S. over foreign companies...
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