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So those who buy Samsung TVs, Samsung washer and dryers, buy oil tankers built by Samsung, buy insurance from Samsung (do you realize how big the Samsung family of companies really is?), etc... all are ignorant and follow an evil path. Tone down the BS hyperbole.
This is no different from the Japanese taking an idea created elsewhere (1950s-1980s as an example - but all throughout their history to be more precise) and greatly improving upon it at a lower cost. Korea simple did the same thing in modern times at an even lower cost. That isn't copying/stealing IP. Samsung/LG/etc didn't steal Sony's ideas or IP. They simply made a better TV at a lower cost - go economies of scale. Same thing with Netflix killing off Blockbuster...and...
Did you serve? Did you give you time, sweat and blood to the protection of another country? I know I did. I served in South Korea and even volunteered to stay additional tours (don't forget the disabled Vet part thanks to a back injury). So don't play the "offended victim BS card".  The people there are just like anyone else. I have seen just as many jerks in the U.S. as Korea. Many of these patents shouldn't have been given in the first place, and some should have. Slide...
Then what is Apple suing about in Europe, S. Korea, Japan and Australia? What was Apple asking European countries to ban Samsung products over if not Apple's patents?
1. The U.S. has kept supporting S. Korea since it gave us a military hold in the region, not because we are nice guys. We didn't save the S. Korean people, we stopped Soviet expansion in the region. The moment S. Korea is no longer an asset we would pull out in a heartbeat. The only reason we spend our tax dollars there is because it suits us.    2. I find it rather offensive that you claim S. Korean companies are honorless, while implying that somehow the U.S. companies...
Already did this. I am keeping the iPhone 4 to play my DRM-riddled (Japan iTunes store) music ... fairplay my arse. I am using both my Samsung Focus and my Galaxy Nexus until I decide on which one I will stick with for the last year of my AT&T contract.
What does this, in ANY way, have to do with you stating that the SIII is very similar to the iPod Touch?
Sony failed purely due to hubris and the sale of substandard electronics (compared to their past electronic devices). 
    So if these simple utility patents are removed from Android or proven to be of prior art, what then? What is Apple going to do to keep "hitting them hard"? These new phones are nothing like the iPhone and Jellybean is completely different from iOS. Both OSes have diverged and gone in different directions. So what exactly are you expecting to happen?   What is up with your rage? You hope the phones and tablets that other people purchased end up being banned? You...
And yet the planet's population still grows...people need to stop making so many babies. 
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